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Google Now Lets You Access to Your Computer Through Android With Chrome Remote Desktop!

chromGoogle’s Chrome Remote Desktop service, very first launched in 2011, is coming to mobile. Today, the company launched an Android app that will let customers access their desktop, whether through a Chrome internet app for Mac, PC, and Linux or with Chrome OS itself. Once you’ve set up your primary machine, you could introduce the Android app to hook up to it. Gigaom reported a few days ago that the app visited beta testing, but it’s now readily available to anyone with an Android phone or tablet, though doing a lot with the former will be a little cramped. There’s no accurate date offered for an iOS version, but Google shares it will certainly be coming later this year. Continue reading

Google’s Helpouts Experience Service is Now Available for Apple iPhone!

googleNeed to brush up on your cooking abilities, yet only have your iPhone around at hand? Don’t panic> Google has silently brought its Helpouts solution to iOS. Just like the alreadying existing Android application, the iPhone-sized app (sorry, no iPad series) allows you schedule video chats with experts on topics ranging from annealing to bike repair service. Just be ready to limit on your own to complimentary suggestions – Google isn’t really supplying paid Helpouts in the iOS app. You’ll likewise should go to the web if you want to give listings for your own instructional sessions. If neither of those limitations is a deal-breaker, though, you could begin taking courses today.

Voice Calls Could be Right Around the Corner for WhatsApp Users!

whatsAppWhatsApp’s voice call feature might be even closer compared to you think, with some new hints suggesting that we’ll be able to make in-app calls very soon.

WPCentral was tipped off by volunteers which translate Hindi languages, verifying that they would certainly gotten brand-new translation requests that mean the new feature.

Three brand-new strings - Hang up, Incoming call and Outgoing call– are, we’d say, pretty apparent clues that WhatsApp is settling voice calling. Continue reading

Google Translate for Android Now Deciphers Handwriting in 13 More Languages!

google-translate-handwriting-androidIf you’re an Android individual taking a trip to the Middle East or Southern Asia, you’ll likely intend to snatch a just-released update to Google Translate. The brand-new app broadens on a current iOS upgrade with handwriting recognition for 13 extra languages that primarily come from the above 2 regions; you can now write in Arabic and Persian in addition to Indian languages like Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu. You’ll also locate support for Bosnian, Cebuano, Hmong, Maltese, Mongolian and Somali. This isn’t really the most significant Google Translate revitalize that we have actually viewed, but it might make all the difference if you’re seeing Dubai or New Delhi.

Google Play Video Games for Android Now Reveals New Games Suggestion For You!

Google PlayGoogle Play Games simply ended up being a lot, a lot more useful for passionate Android gamers. A freshly released update to Google’s entertainment hub permits you see all your invites; it’s now too much clearer that a person intends to play. The upgrade additionally shows you a not-quite-live sight of that’s having fun, and a new Find Gamings area (revealed below) suggests titles you can try. Play Gamings still will not compare with enhanced video gaming frameworks like PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, yet it’s most likely worth a download if your smartphone frequently functions as a handheld console.

CloudYourCar: Simplify your Fleet Management System!

CloudYourCar LogoOften we hear, companies providing cars as a job package to their employees. But have you ever thought what are the expenses required for an efficient maintenance of a company’ car? CloudYourCar offers you immediate feedback every time your employee uses the car in a rash manner, either dives it too fast or gets too aggressive with it. It helps the management to keep a check on their staff about how they maintain the car which has been provided to them by the company.

All you need to do is just download the app and get all the updates and info of the unnecessary expenses which occur to the mishandling of the car. Continue reading

Vir2Sim : Entire Globe in Your SIM Now!

Vir2Sim logoThere are so many times when you just want to add up foreigners to your number. You have to pass through a long procedure to activate your SIM with ISD Lines. But not anymore! Vir2Sim provides you with an opportunity to add 20 international phone numbers on your present card. You can easily dial and receive calls with the help of your virtual number. Avail the benefits of cellular without depending on the 3G connection.

Vir2Sim in simple terms grants your virtual number of countries wherever you want to, so that you may be in close contact with your friends, clients and relative staying abroad. Continue reading

PieSync: Empower Highrise for Google Applications!

PieSyncHow many times have you thought of getting a synchronization of all your Highrise contacts? Here is an app for you which help you to do that. PieSync syncs all your Highrise connection for you as well as your team. It keeps checking and updating your Gmail and all the other apps supported by Google on your desktops as well as Smartphones. It keeps syncing your data continuously without any incorrect or outdated information. However, the synchronization is limited from Highrise to Google connections. It allows two – way sync.

Your Smartphone is updated automatically with synced contacts. Continue reading

iProcrastination: Put a Stop to Procrastination

iProcrastinationProcrastination is a common disease among students. It happens since there are a lot of distractions that tempts them to head off to things that are not important. The challenge is to redirect their attentions back to where it should be, and do it in a more engaging way.

A new application comes into picture and does exactly that. It might just be the cure that the students need to fully concentrate on things they should be doing. This app is called iProcrastinate. Continue reading

Aviary: Web and Mobile Photo Editing Tools

AviaryAviary is a collection of online tools designed to bring creativity to the cloud. The focus is mainly on graphic work which basically includes photo, vector, and palette editors, but an online audio editor is also available. What’s more is that each app has a unique look and feel.

Phoenix image editor is perhaps the best app. It features support for layers, special effects, masks, and a lot more! However, one flaw lies in its load times Continue reading