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Google Calendar for Android Gets All-New Appearance, With Apple iPhone Version Coming Soon !

google-calendarGoogle Calendar has actually been upgraded with a new interface and also new features that permit you to far better manage your day.

‘Today we’re presenting a brand-new Google Calendar app. It’s designed to be a practical aide, so you can invest much less time managing your day, and also more time enjoying it,’ announced Google in an article published on 3 November.

Other than the apparent style changes, the first new feature permits Google Calendar to transform your E-mails – such as verification receipts for air travels – into occasions. Continue reading

Oppo Find 5 – Thinnest Phone With The Best Screen On The Market

Oppo Find 5This Chinese company is not that well known outside its country, but they have introduced phablet (phone-tablet), that is nothing but revolutionary, in today’s sense of the word. Their product has stirred a lot of dust, because of the performances and its overall dimensions that are not matched so far.

The phablet is called Oppo Find 5 and it has a 5 inch screen that has a resolution, which even Apples products dream of. Its 5 inch screen works in full HD (1920×1024) 1080p resolution that measures 441ppi, which are more than 100 pixels per inch, when compared to Apples iPhone 5. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini – A Smaller And Cheaper SIII

Samsung Galaxy SIII MiniSamsung has been a leader for a while now at the mobile market and that is for a reason. They are offering wonderful phone design and with that a great hardware and innovative ideas on the market. They have hit the sweet spot with the latest Samsung Galaxy SIII, but that phone is for people with deep pockets. Now they unveiled their newest marvel, a smaller brother for this monster of a phone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini. This “little” phone still brings great specs and a design that is same as the all-time favorite, its bigger brother. Continue reading

Xiaomi Mi-Two – The Chinese Are Pushing The Market Boundaries

Xiaomi Mi-TwoXiaomi is another Chinese company that is coming to the world market and is knocking at the doors. They have been one of the companies that have been lurking in the shadows until recently, but now they are gaining on popularity with their products. Now, they are announcing to put on the international market their newest product the Mi-Two phone, which will be as strong as all of today’s phones, with a cheaper price. Continue reading

Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Jelly Bean Android 4.1Google had their I/O conference on the 27th of Jun and they introduced a lot of new hardware that they are pushing on the market this next quarter and people could have easily missed their software upgrade called Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), which will introduce a bit of a revolution in the Android market. With it the Jelly Bean brings a lot of enhancements that will make this iteration of the software a new want to have version.

One of the biggest improvements in this version is that Google is implementing is a  voice command interface that will process your every command and try to find a solution, in a way that the Siri software does it in Apple, but with a big difference; it doesn’t go online to find the answer. Continue reading

Gear4 Android Dock – Introducing A New Type Of Audio Connection On Android Devices

Gear4 Android DockLately there has been a lot of new stuff that we have written about that came out with the Google I/O conference on the 27th of Jun. On it except for indoor products made by Google they introduced a lot of stuff that they have been working on with other companies and as we seen it was a good collaboration they made the Nexus 7 with Asus and other devices with collaboration with different companies. This gadget is also a collaborative effort between Google and a company that has been making speaker sets, speaker stands and other peripherals but so far they have done this only for Apple devices. So this means they are breaking new grounds. Continue reading

Google Nexus Q – Social Media Player

Google Nexus QGoogle had a great week as they announced their newest Android software the Android 4.1 (Jelly Beans) they also announced their tablet the Google Nexus 7 and finally they announced something that will make every Android lover jump from their seats. They announced Google Nexus Q, which will bring a new type of entertainment to any Android tablet or phone owner.

It is made in the form of a black orb that has a shiny led ring in the middle, but it is not only a black ornament that you will put in your living room, it is a multimedia social player that will stream everything that you throw at it, from your Android enabled device. Continue reading