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Flevy: The Business Documents Marketplace

FlevyFlevy is a marketplace for business documents specifically the ones that are used by people who work in a business function. The documents varies from Excel Financial Models to customizable PowerPoint Templates to “How- To” Business Frameworks. It basically helps those who are in the Marketing, IT, and Corporate Finance industries explore and access vital documents like:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy Primer
  • LBO Valuation Model
  • Cost Drivers Analysis Framework
  • Research Report-cum-Financial Model
  • Crawl Walk Run PowerPoint Template Continue reading

SiteOpsys Provides You Online Analysis Tools That Are Fast, Accurate and Insightful



SiteOpsys is a single product that offers you over 30 automated tools under the categories Analyst, SEO Consultant, Website Developer or Website owner and Webmaster so that you can analyze your website for various SEO and other parameters.

The tools that SiteOpsys offers brings out intuitive results that helps to make an analyzer’s job easy and more productive. It works intuitively thereby cutting down the effort and the time required to evaluate and Continue reading