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Pantech Flex – Dual Personality

Pantech FlexThis one is mainly for the English readers.

The company Pantech has been pushing out midrange phones on the English market for a while and the majority of them can be described as mediocre. This one breaks that stereotype with its specifications and what it has under the hood.

The Pantech Flex deserves its name because of the software that it has inside. To be precise, it works on Android 4.0.4 that can be boot up in an easy mode – made for people with less understanding of modern Android usage and a standard mode that is more or less as any other Android software. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 820 – Lumia For The Masses

Nokia Lumia 820Nokia has presented their flagship, which was supposed to be the head runner in the introduction of Win8 phone platform, but was beaten by Samsung’s ATIV S. The phone was presented, but is waiting for the official start of Win8 shipping. While we are waiting for 26th of October, which is the official Win8 release date, Nokia is keeping in pace and they have introduced the Lumia’s 920 little brother, Lumia 820. This one is meant for the masses and will come with a cheaper price, while the specs are slightly altered, according to the bigger brother. Continue reading

Huawei Ascend P1 – Big Caliber

Huawei Ascend P1The smart phone market has never been so interesting as 2012 and it will be a breaking point for a lot of the major competitors, bringing some to their knees and some at the top. The former leaders in the market namely Nokia and HTC are falling behind, while others like the Chinese Huawei are excelling with an unruly pace. Huawei is now called the “New Samsung” because of its rapid ascend.  With their newest model called Ascend P1, Huawei has put a gag on all those who were saying bad things about this company and didn’t realize the potential of a rising star. Continue reading

Samsung ATIV S -The First One

Samsung ATIV SAmong all the new stuff presented on IFA this year in Berlin, Samsung surprised the public with their presentation of Samsung ATIV S, the first phone to work on Win8 platform. This was a big surprise, because everyone was waiting for Nokia to be the head runner in this department. Again Nokia is falling behind with its delivery, but as they are announcing they are going to present new technologies with the new line of Win8 phones.

Samsung is still the first and the phone that they have introduced is by itself great. Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 920 – Nokia’s Win8 Flagship

Nokia Lumia 920Nokia hasn’t been mentioned for a while now and that is because of their mistakes, which are lining up one after the other. They went from being the ultimate leader falling just behind Mac, to the ultimate loser. They fired more than 2/3 of their staff; closed a lot of factories and still they cannot get on top, even though they make some of the sturdiest phones and have a lot of innovations in their closet. They kept banging at the door with their own operating system, even though everyone has moved on.

This time again, they are trying to go on to the market with Microsoft beneath their wings. Continue reading

Virgin Mobile Enters Into iPhone Market Big Time

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has gone native on iPhones. The company has become the 7th U.S. wireless company to bring out iPhones.

After the huge success and popularity of iPhones, now iPhone market is leaving the exclusive market for wireless carriers and going mass. Earlier, companies such as AT&T had a tight hold on the market of iPhone. Then Verizon entered into the market and began selling iPhones.

With the dramatic increase in mobile phone market, iPhone market is expanding quickly. Apps, software and videos are being created specially for iPhones. Continue reading

HTC One X – The HTC Flagship And All Its Perks



HTC changed its policy of producing a lot of phones in different segments in one year and now they have made phones in different segments for different consumer audiences. Leading this change is their flagship phone One X, followed by its smaller brother One S then One XL and One V. Even though One X is supposed to be the top of the pop, the main deal, the bomb, the through is that in some things it lacks behind its smaller brother the One S.

The camera sensor is proclaimed by HTC to be the best on the market but, it lacks the quality and produces a lot of noise, even in day conditions. The Tegra 3 chipset lacks behind the newer Krait dual-core processor given in One S, followed by some lacks in design like- no dedicated camera key, micro SIM card slot that is only accessible by a pin and no memory slot.  Continue reading

HTC One S – Smaller But More Beautiful Little Brother



HTC has its newest line up on the racks, coming out this spring. And, what a show it is going to be. They are presenting, a full line of phones, with new technologies implemented and with a lot of new features. Even though HTC One S is a middle range phone, it has something to say. It comes with some features not shown even in the high end phones.

HTC one S comes in a standard shell for HTC, with a relatively generic outlook for a HTC phone but, it has some things that are specific for it, only. Firstly, it has a back panel that is made by a new material made by HTC. It is a material made in two steps and it is said that, it is five times stronger than stainless steel and aerospace aluminum.  The other new cool feature is its camera. It can take up to 94 pictures in a minute and also take a full 8MP picture, while filming a video. This will be great when filming children, or just taking a picture, in the right moment. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S III- Rumor-Pre-look (Specifications leak)

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung had some big leaps these two years. After incorporating Android operating system in their phones they made some bold moves with their phone design that provoked a lot of interest pushing them in the top three sellers. After the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy note (their three best sellers), they have been on the run to make their new best seller. Samsung Galaxy S III is a phone that stirred a lot of dust, with the specifications that were rumored, that, it will have and the overall design and measurements. After a lot of hoax pictures and reviews on the net about the overall design of the phone, we came upon one that looks like it is going to be the real thing. Continue reading