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iPad Mini – Is It All That We Were Expecting?

Apple iPad MiniMacintosh didn’t roll over and die after the death of their CEO Steve Jobs as everyone feared, instead they are introducing new products all the time and some of them wouldn’t be here if he was leading the company. Now, the hype that was started about the iPad mini has come to an interesting end, with its reveal. The speculation about its form and overall design was disproven and the newest product is getting ready to hit the shelves on the second of November.

Firstly, this iPad will be in a tight battle with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD. Continue reading

Huawei MediaPad S7-301u – The Chinese Are Attacking The Top

Huawei MediaPad S7-301uIn the last period we are witnesses of the Chinese invasion on every market. After the two phones from the Ascend family, it’s time for a tablet, which is being praised by everyone.  Its high remarks are due to the fact that it has strong hardware, great workmanship and its IPS display.

MediaPad S7 is wholly made in aluminum and is built in a unibody design, with a thickness of just 10.5mm. With a combination of black and silver, it’s not something new on the IT market but it has a great look and feel. Continue reading

HTC Desire X – Something For The Middle

HTC Desire XHTC has been numb for a while and that doesn’t smell good especially in this fast pace, fast changing mobile device world. Now, they have introduced on the market a phone that will come out this month and by the specs it seems it is a middle range device, for the everyday consumer.

This smartphone is definitely a middle range, but enough with the high end devices, not everyone can afford a flagship device. The phone has a great look and feel as its back plate has a unibody look. Continue reading

Sony Xperia U

Sony Xperia UThe characteristics by which Xperia U differs from the rest of the Xperia models are the see through line that is just above its base, through which a specific colored light illuminates according to the content that showed on the screen, i.e. the dominant shade. If that is not cheerful enough for you, you can take of the plastic cover of the base and change it with another color cover. Last the battery cover can also be easily changed in a different color variant, with which the color combinations are exponentially expanded. Curios teenagers will probably flip out at this notion and the more conservative users can introduce a bit of color into their everyday life.  Continue reading