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Philips 46PFL9707 – TV Of The Year

Philips 46PFL9707Philips over the years has introduced a lot of new technologies to the TV market. Now on IFA they introduced their flagship TV 46PFL9707, which includes their own technology that makes the 3D be flicker-free via an active shutter. Even though Philips incorporates passive 3D in the lower end TV’s, their high end TV’s use active shutter technology in their 3D glasses. The passive ones are flicker free, but the active provide maximum clarity. On this TV, with their new technology, this shouldn’t be a problem. Continue reading

Epson Movario BT100 – See Through 3D Glasses

Epson Glasses

Epson Glasses

Earlier we described how Google wants to see the everyday life, with their Google Glass project. They imagined people implementing technology in their everyday activities. Following this trend Epson is joining this game, in their-own revolutionary way. They saw that people don’t like wearing 3D glasses and 3D helmets that will totally block their senses and make them unaware of the surrounding environment, so they came up with 3D see-through glasses that will give the user what he wanted, an unprecedented 3D environment without losing the view of the rest of the world.

The glasses are made of a see-through glass, on which the little monitors show the 3D picture in qHD quality and the viewing dimensions should duplicate an 80 inch screen. Continue reading