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Pantech Flex – Dual Personality

Pantech FlexThis one is mainly for the English readers.

The company Pantech has been pushing out midrange phones on the English market for a while and the majority of them can be described as mediocre. This one breaks that stereotype with its specifications and what it has under the hood.

The Pantech Flex deserves its name because of the software that it has inside. To be precise, it works on Android 4.0.4 that can be boot up in an easy mode – made for people with less understanding of modern Android usage and a standard mode that is more or less as any other Android software. Continue reading

Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – Seven, Second Time Around

Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the first Android tablet that made a big fuss, enough to be considered as a serious competition to Apple’s iPad, officially got its successor in the model called Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. Typically for the Koreans, after seeing the success of the first Galaxy Tab, they made a defile of different models with different sizes and capabilities. In a combination with the open sourced operating system Android, they made an ideal combination of different options for all of those which think that Apple’s offer is not enough.

Even though the basis of the design is the same as the previous version, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is more a like to Galaxy Note, a hybrid of a phone and a tablet, because of the integrated earphones and microphone. Continue reading