Twitter Eliminating The 140 Character Limit From Direct Messages Next Month

Twitter removing the 140 character limit from MDsTwitter announced that it will be removing the 140 character limit from its Direct Message feature next month. Now they will certainly be restricted to 10,000 characters.

Twitter’s Sachin Agarwal Product Manager informed developers of the news in advance of the change, which will certainly be rolled out to users in July. There is no official date for the change.

The move doesn’t remove Twitter’s style choice of constraining tweets to 140 characters – just direct messages. ‘It’s a lovely constraint that has actually inspired a whole new kind of writing,’ Twitter investor Chris Sacca wrote in a lengthy Article post previously this month concerning exactly what Twitter can do to improve. Continue reading

SignUpFirst: Get Rewards in Exchange for Signups

SignUpFirst Get Rewarded for SignupsSignUpFirst is a platform where people can get rewards in exchange for signups. Just state what your giving and start receiving signups straight away, and offer free promotion to online startups.

Signupfirst say to thanks for beta tester and give a rewards for first 100 people life time premium account. This means whatever optional paid features which are introduced in the future will automatically be added to these accounts!.

Signupfirst help’s people get signups to their website or application by giving rewards to those who sign up first rewards. Continue reading

Twitter Now Allows You to Share and also Import Block Lists for Better Personal Privacy

Twitter Now Allows You to Share and also Import Block ListsAnyone can use which makings it equal part remarkable and horrible for some users. To assist put down some of the lot more annoying voices on the social network, has tools to block and mute these users, but that’s not quite enough to get the job done, which is why the social media platform is introducing shared block lists today.

The list can now export and share your block-lists with people in your community frontal same issues or import any user’s list into your account and block multiple accounts all at once, instead of blocking them separately. Continue reading

Skype for Web Beta Lets You Make Calls from Your Browser Now Open To All US And UK Users

Skype for Web Beta Lets You Make Calls from Your BrowserSkype has been available as a mobile application and also desktop computer application for some time, today, for the very first time, you could access the service’s web-based customer in order to immediate message and video call your friends.

The web application is now available as an open beta, Microsoft has actually announced. The beta first debuted in last year, permitting specific people to test it using an invite-only system, and now everyone could join, as long as they’re living in the United State or United Kingdom and using among a few specific web browsers on either a Windows or Mac equipment. Continue reading Dogma is The First Ever Pay-it-Forward Pet Sitting Community

DogmaDogma is a Startup based in Northern Va and it is a culmination of a lifelong desire to support the community around us, our family, our friends and most especially our furry babies.

Dogma is the first ever pay-it-forward pet sitting community where members within a 6-mile radius can exchange pet sitting services with one another. There’s no need to pay for services, simply pay-it-forward to the community by pet sitting for someone else. Continue reading

Netflix is Coming to Italy, Portugal, and also Spain in This October 2015

NetflixNetflix is continuing its steady march all over the world. Southern Europe will certainly be the alongside get a taste of the streaming service, as the company has revealed that Italy, Portugal, and also Spain will certainly get Netflix this October. They will join Netflix’s list of roughly 50 countries that already get service, 13 which are fellow European countries.

If things go according to strategy, this is simply the beginning for Netflix. The company prepares to expand to 200 countries - almost the entire world – by the end of next year. With that kind of footprint, CEO Reed Hastings thinks of Netflix could be a real competitor to Hollywood film distribution. Continue reading

Microsoft Purchases Wunderlist Application as Component of Effort to Get on Your Smartphone

Wunderlist appMicrosoft published a Article post to confirm the deal, following a report from The Wall Street Journal: ‘What’s better than finishing that last vital task on your to-do list? Doing this with a beautiful and also valuable efficiency application. Today, I am thrilled to announce that Microsoft has gotten 6Wunderkinder.’

Wunderlist will continuously already existing in application stores & work for the time being. The application will continue to be cost-free, as well as there will be no cost changes for Wunderlist Pro or Wunderlist Buesiness. Continue reading

Google Reveals a Privacy Dashboard – Keeping Your Personal Data Private, Safe and in Your Control

Google Reveals a Privacy DashboardMore than 3 years back, Google merged its personal privacy policy. Now it’s unifying your personal privacy (and security) information. The firm recently announced an overhaul to the Google account dashboard that puts almost every personal privacy and also safety feature in one place. The new My Account section consists of Google’s privacy as well as security checkups, the capacity to manage ad settings, your search and searching history, location history by means of Google Maps, and password changes. Google Wallet is still separate from the My Account dashboard. Continue reading

How You Can Reserve Your Free Copy of Windows 10 Upgrade

How You Can Reserve Your Free Copy of Windows 10 UpgradeMicrosoft has announced that its Windows 10 OS will be available from 29 July on new laptops, Desktop Computers and tablet computers, plus be readily available as a free upgrade for a year for any type of components currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

That means, from 29 July you will certainly be able to download and install the new system software to your computer or tablet and also run it from that day on – making use of the raft of new features and modifications that we’ve been learning about over the last 6 months. Continue reading

Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date – Free Upgrade Launches 29 July to Succeed Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 10 Release Date 29 JulyAfter months of rumor and speculation, Microsoft has actually announced the release day for its universal operating system, Windows 10. PC and also tablets owners currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 will have the ability to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 free of cost from 29 July. Customers will then have an entire year to upgrade at no charge, after which time the company will start to charge (or launch an additional new version, which is possible).

Unfortunately, just the release date of Windows 10 for Operating System for laptops, desktops and also Windows tablet computers has actually been announced until now. We are still waiting for news on when Windows phone owners will additionally get their upgrade. Continue reading