Facebook Brings Amber Alarms to News Feeds to Improve Kid Safety !

amber_alertThe world’s biggest social network is integrating Amber Alerts right into its platform, providing the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) a direct means to get to people who can help locate the abducted kids, Facebook revealed on Tuesday.

Through the new plan, NCMEC will be able to publish Amber Alerts current news feeds of Facebook users which are within range of a search location. The notifies will certainly include key info on the missing kids, including photographs and physical descriptions, and descriptions of the alleged abductors. Continue reading

Twitter Wants to Put Advertisements in Other Companies Applications !

twitterTwitter isn’t really growing as quickly as it used to, so it cannot just depend on a horde of new social networks to inflate its bank account. Just what’s it going to do, then? Sell advertisements elsewhere, obviously. Sources for the Wall Street Journal claim that Twitter is planning to offer advertisements for the tweet feeds you view in other firms’ applications and also web-sites, sharing the money it makes with its partners. It’s not certain which’s on-board with the idea. Twitter supposedly cited both ESPN and also Flipboard as examples during a presentation at CES, yet a WSJ tipster says that there’s no official deal with ESPN right now. Continue reading

Windows 10 Could Include New Spartan Web Browser, Not IE 12 !

windows10Microsoft is apparently developing a completely new web-browser, code-named Spartan.

Spartan will certainly launch around the same time Windows 10 is set to launching, transitioning Microsoft far from Internet Explorer, according on ZDNet. The web-browser is not the next version of Internet Explorer, thought to be called Internet Explorer 12. Internet Explore is Microsoft’s age-old internet browser that typically updates with every major Windows launch.

Spartan will be different in that it looks and feels much more like Firefox & Chrome. It even sports a new layout and nifty features like extensions, but it will certainly still be based upon Microsoft’s existing web technology and use of the Chakra JavaScript engine and also Trident rendering engine. Continue reading

Google is Close to Launching “OK Google” Always on Voice Commands for Chromebooks !

OK GoogleYou could now say ‘OK Google’ to your Chromebook. Well, people running very early release software could anyway.

The latest early launch of Chrome OS has an always-on feature that allows users to jump into voice command mode. All they need to do is get the launch on the Chrome Dev channel and then toggle a flag in ‘Chrome OS’ settings menu. Google worker and also Chromium source code expert Francois Beaufort explained the best ways to setup the feature with an post published on Google+. Continue reading

Google+ Could Automatically “Enhance” Your Mobile Video Recordings !

Google+Google’s familiar with tweaking your images automatically, and now it’s prolonging that expertise to video clip. By using Google+ and its auto-backup system for your media, Mountain view says it could adjust the lighting, color, stability &, soon enough, speech in any video you shoot. Simply make certain to have Auto Enhance activated on your device and, well, that’s the only factor you need to worry about actually. It’s a bit different than what the search giant did with Auto Awesome videos, actually, and also if you intend to see an admittedly low quality example, pop beyond the break. Continue reading

Evernote Now Adds Context to Your Memos on Windows And Android !

EvernoteEvernote’s bringing Context, among its even more interesting announcements during its 4th conference in October, to Windows and Android. This feature, which was first provided to iOS & Mac users in November, pulls content [based upon just what you're typing, for this reason its name] from different sources and displays them on screen. By ‘Different Sources,’ we mean your old notes, your co-workers’ notes & a handful of websites, which includes The Wall Street Journal, Rapid Business and also TechCrunch – just click an entry inside the Context panel to read it. Continue reading

Chromebooks Are to Getting Always-on ‘OK, Google’ Voice Search !

ChromebookGoogle prepares to up the level of Chromebook voice control, evaluating by a new, experimental release. According to François Beaufort, you could now say ‘OK Google’ to turn on voice search on your Chrome OS notebook anytime the display is on and also unlocked. That always-on capability has been available for some time now on Android phones & tablets, however until now, Chromebook users had to initially open up the application launcher or a new tab in Chrome. As it’s still in the experimental stages, you need to be running on the dev channel and also allow the relevant flags, as shown in the source. Following to a brief voice training session, you’ll prepare to begin barking commands.

Microsoft’s Lumia Denim Update is Now Rolling Out, With 4K-Quality Video Clip Recording & Even More!

denimThe Lumia Denim upgrade is now available for a ‘Limited number of devices in picked markets,’ Microsoft has revealed.

Microsoft 1st unveiled the update at IFA 2014, emphasizing it would initially launch for Lumia Icon, Lumia 830, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 devices. Other than passive voice activation to Cortana, the update includes real-time folders, SMS merging, and also a faster Lumia Cam application that supports 4K-quality video recording at 24 frames per second (excluding on the Lumia 830). Continue reading

Google’s New YouTube Show Reaches Out to iOS Developers !

GmailDespite the ongoing battle between Android and iOS, the truth is you’re likely loading up Google services on it either way. Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Drive – take your pick, as Homescreen.is shows, they’re popular. Now Google has a new web-series devoted just to iOS developers (to go along with its community efforts for everyone busy making Android apps) but as the first entry demonstrates, getting the dialogue started can be a little awkward on the Mountain View campus. Google has its reasons for pulling iOS developers deeper into the fold including cross platform gaming and wireless file sharing, so we won’t hold our breath expecting to see a similar move from Apple any time soon.

Google Now is Almost Ready to Regulate Your Nest Thermostat !

Google NowKeep in mind how Nest assured that you would one day use Google Now to control your thermostat? That day is very almost here. Droid-Life has discovered that the search tool is responding to temperature requests, and also will certainly reveal you a Google Now card when the thermostat is cooling or heating your home. Nonetheless, you cannot in fact use this feature yet – you need to authorize your Google account to make this work, & the necessary web-site isn’t really entirely ready. Nevertheless, it’s clear that you’ll quickly be commanding your climate using little more than your voice.