Google Wallet is Closing Shop on Digital Items !

Google WalletJust as Apple is dispersing its wings right into the online & mobile repayments markets, Google seems to pulling back from it. Google has actually posted notification on the Wallet developer site that it is closing down the API powering digital goods purchase on internet and mobile web sites.

Do not worry- Google Wallet is right here to stay. You could still make in-store purchases, and you could use your Wallet credentials to buy applications, content and also goods from Google Play & make in-app purchases in Android applications. But the 3rd-party payment handling feature that allows online merchants to permit you acquire their wares with your Google Wallet will disappear on March 2. Continue reading

Skype Coming to a Browser Near You, Works Without a Committed Client… !

SkypeMicrosoft has announced that it will soon make available a version of Skype that runs in a web browser. That means you will certainly manage to almost use any device to make a Skype call or communicate with family, friends or colleagues, not merely one with a desktop client or app set up.

Skype for Web will certainly be launched in a beta version and will run in a browser window throughout all web browsers, consisting of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome, so you can also use it in an Internet cafe far from home. All of your profile information & contact will be promptly accessible once you sign in. Continue reading

Apple Finally Provides a Very Easy Solution to it’s Missing Text Message Problem !

iMessageIf you’re still being plagued by missing text messages after leaving iOS for another platform, then the time has come to rejoice. Apple has silently launched a tool that will let you deregister your phone number from iMessage and solve your texting trouble once and for all. The root of this mess comes from Apple routing all your SMS through its iMessage system – even after you switch to a various phone. The result has been texts from apple iPhone users disappearing right into the ether. If you forgot to disable iMessage before to changing devices, usually the only solution was to completely disconnect the device from your Apple account. Now all you need to do is plug your phone number into Apple’s deregistration site, and punch in the verification code sent out to you.

Facebook Plans to Control Russia’s Social Media Networks Through Applications !

facebookWhile Facebook is successfully the default social media network in numerous countries, that’s not real in Russia – it regularly plays 2nd fiddle to local service VKontakte and old-school LiveJournal blogs. The company thinks it knows how to crack this nut, however; applications. The internet giant tell Business Insider that it’s persuading Russian developers to write games and also some others web-based titles that might lure people away. It’s wishing that the potential of reaching a wider audience will certainly be hard to resist. You may please Muscovites by producing for VKontakte, however you might capture an international audience through a smash hit on Facebook. Continue reading

Whatsapp’s Read Receipts Finally Work The Way You Thought They Did !

WhatsappChances are, you have actually been interpreting Whatsapp wrong this entire time. The most of people look at their sent messages, see those double green check-marks, and assume those missives have been read by their receivers. Not quite! Those only indicate that they have actually reached the pal in question, yet the Facebook subsidiary finally changed those checks to work the way you thought they did. According to a recently upgraded details in Whatsapp’s FAQ, you’ll be greeted by a pair of blue check-marks on your message when the recipient finally gets around to opening it. It’s a minor, if extremely useful addition to the mix – since that runs out the way; the team might intend to spend a little team seeing how it can make the service a bit more protected.

LG’s Phones Are The First to Get an Android Lollipop Upgrade !

Lollipop-LG-G3So much for Google’s Nexus phones being the very first to get Lollipop Android 5.0. LG has actually revealed that it’s rolling out the sweetened software upgrade to G3 users in Poland this week, ahead of seemingly every other mobile phone on earth – yes, including the LG-made Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. As you may imagine offered the timing, LG isn’t really reinventing the interface. A lot of the improvements are either straightforward or under the hood, such as the new notices and the ability to open your phone with nearby devices (such as an Android Wear watch). Continue reading

Chrome Extension Encrypts Your Tweets, E-mails And Also Status Updates !

Google-chrome-extensionsA new type of relatively easy-to-use encryption and protection services like Silent Circle have actually started popping up ever  since Snowden made his revelations last year. Among the latest additions to that growing list is a Chrome web browser extension called ShadowCrypt, which encrypts Facebook status updates, E-mails, tweets and other messages you send & post on social media sites. Once you have actually installed it, you’ll need to key a security key for each web-site you use or for each E-mail you send. You’ll then have to share those keys to people you intend to share your posts with (they also need to be ShadowCrypt users, obviously), otherwise all they’ll see are garbled letter and number strings like the tweet below. Continue reading

Launch Desktop Computer Apps From Inside Google Drive !

g_driveWhen you’re viewing a list of files on a Mac or PC, right clicking on a item (or team of items) provides you the ‘Open With’ choice. Well buddies, that same handy shortcut now resides in Google Drive, as well. Many thanks to a helpful Chrome extension; you can fire up  Photoshop from Google’s cloud-based repository inside the web browser – no need to going in other places to get the work session began. Naturally, you’ll need to have actually Chrome installed in order to take advantage of the add-on. And in case you forgot, you do not also need to launch Microsoft Office to modify Drive-stored files & spreadsheets either.

Google Maps for Android and Also iPhone Has a New Look and Assimilation with OpenTable and Uber.

google mapGoogle has offered Google Maps for Android & apple iPhone exactly what it called a ‘Fresh New Design’, but really, it’s just material layout.

Google disclosed a new design language for Android, Chrome OS, & the Web last June. It actually entailed a new look, called Material Design, and also consisted of splashes of colour, freshened iconography, typography, and a much more consistent interface hierarchy.The entire interface was based on unifying theory of a rationalised space & a system of movement, according to Google.

And also now Google has actually brought material design to Google Maps on mobile: ‘Over the next few days, when you open up Google Maps on your Android or iPhone, you’ll be greeted by bright colors & a fresh new design.’ Continue reading

Microsoft is Slowly Prepping OneDrive for Music Storage !

onedriveYou understand all that OneDrive storage Microsoft’s been giving away recently? Turns out there could possibly be a new way to put it to make use of quickly; music storage space. A tipster to Windows Central points that going to this hyperlink will immediately create a folder for your listen Redmond’s cloud ecosystem, and when the feature officially hits it’ll apparently bring an extra 20GB of cost-free storage space with it as well. A few graphics suggest that there’ll be a web version, as well. We’ve embedded one from Windows Central after the break. Oh, the service apparently will not cost anything (Just Like Google’s Music Locker) and also your music will come throughout a range of devices consisting of Windows 8.1 computers, phones and tablet computers; browsers and also, of course, Xboxes. Not that the Xbox One in fact requires any sort of extra media options mind you, however more are always welcome.