PageProofer : Go Where Cursor Points!

PageProoferPageProofer is an internet based service for web designers and developers to respond to website feedback, track design bug, collaborate team operation, and improve live and collateral communication.

The function features easy implementation with only a piece of a code snippet to be integrated into the footer of your website for start and running; handy operation, 3 clicks to leave the feedback anywhere questionable; live communication, team effort can be engaged with moment’s notice; and diversified multiple platform. Continue reading

Wibki – Offering An Exciting Platform For Website Users!

WibkiFor all those looking for an alternate and exciting way to share their web experiences, Wibki offers a great platform. With Wibki, you get an innovative platform for saving, sharing as well as discovering the World Wide Web.

If you have ever wondered what ideal browsing experience is like, then log on to Wibki and create your account. Wibki has been recently launched online and offers a pleasant browsing experience. Continue reading

Landable – Customize Your Facebook, Ecommerce Pages As You Want!

LandableOften you just wish to customize your pages, but due to the lack of the ability of coding, you just sit back and accept the changes as they appear. But now, you have the ability to create your own Facebook pages. Without any fear of coding HTML pages, Landable allows you to drag and drop the design that you want and get stunning Facebook pages along with web and mobile landing pages. The site provides you an all-in-one landing page platform for your Facebook+ web page+ Mobile page. Continue reading

WebTalentMarketing: Online Marketing Service!

WebTalentMarketing logoAre you in search of a reliable online marketing service agency? Prepared with the latest technique, great experience and classic management skills, the WebTalentMarketing is presented to the online website development and internet marketers render high quality output and meet the requirements of the clients. But what actually is WebTalentMarketing? It contains the hub competencies of complete search engine promotion and innovative design stadium.

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Aircus : Up For A Website!

Aircus LogoPeople often desire to create a website to expand and promote their business on a global scale. However, they are scared of the long technical procedures and costly expenses. Not anymore however! With the help of Aircus, you can design an easy responsive website for yourself as well as your business without spending a single penny. All you need to do is fill in all the information related to your business. And the rest of things, are taken care of by Aircus

Aircus enrich your site with the present data from all your social networking sites. Continue reading

StoreFlyy : Start a Business Today!

StoreFlyy LogoThere are so many eCommerce stores present on the Internet. However, most of them are not for free and require great specifications. But here is an eCommerce platform which is simple to create as compared to other websites. StoreFlyy is a cloud based eCommerce podium which permits anybody and everybody to design and build their mobile store of their own, or web store. It permits you to create a basic website which does not require any technical knowledge.

Just make your web store in 5minutes and sell anything you want. Continue reading

Ewcpresenter : Enhance Your Site With Our Tools!

Ewcpresenter LogoDo you need help in creating innovative content on the internet? Do you need help in designing a professional and stylish website for your online business? If yes, then Ewcpresenter is the best way to create HTML 5 content ranging from presentations to animations, and banners, product demos, infographics and more. Just register in seconds and publish and populate your sites immediately. It allows your ideas which erupt in your mind to flow through your fingers, just drag and drop it and style and even animate it. It is a simple application which allows you to design your website and create professional content without any knowledge of codes and instructions. Continue reading

Media4x : Compilation of Online Tools!

Media4x logoFor web developers, online tools play a crucial role. You cannot be a successful developer unless you have an access to the right tools. Media4x is the right place for you, if you want a direct access to the online tools. It contains a large variety of tools out of which mostly are used by the web development companies. Though the website is in its growing phase but once it is fully developed it will grant you an access to some of the most amazing tools of the web world.

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Live City: Gather Details About Every Event!

LiveCityAppYou always wish to stay updated with the happening in your city, don’t you? Sometimes you think of places to go, sometimes you wish to explore new things but are confused about where to go. Randomly when you sit with your friends and wish to go on out together, you sit and browse through various websites to gather info regarding the latest events of the town. But not anymore! Now you have an app which gets you every detail of the events happening in your city. Live City app collects events from the most well known and reliable resources and bring to you in a systematic and categorized manner to your Smartphones.

Live City brings the whole world at the tip of your fingers. Continue reading