ImpactDialing : Make Quicker Phone Calls!

ImpactDialing logoBPO and telemarketing system, all share one thing in common i.e. calls and calls. They do realize the importance of an error free calling for their business. However, most of the networks and dialing systems don’t render the quality which is desired by these sectors. But, now you have the ImpactDialing. It gives you scalable, flexible pricing and simple call making facility.

ImpactDialing has been designed for outbound call centers. It coordinates with your system and customizes many features for you such as add capacity, or customized infrastructure from the beginning. Continue reading

SimpleVox : Base for your Business Phone!

simplevox logoWith the advancement in technology in the last 40 years, it’s high time since the phone structure caught up. There hasn’t been any significant change in the new phone systems as the phone systems designed are somewhat like the phone system that get replaced. SimpleVox is an exciting better way to take care of your business phones. It is a cloud based phone system which was built from the ground up to manage modern business. It facilitates you to add any kind  of phones, be it SIP phones, landline, iPhone, cell numbers, everything.

The best feature of SimpleVox is that it uses a dead – simple way to drag and drop call flows. Continue reading

Woven Picture Memories

WovenWoven is a viewing app launched by the company that has brought you lilt webbook. It is mainly concentrated on assisting people enjoy their treasured photo collections by innovative but simple apps. desktop software, and supporting services. With this, you can enjoy your precious photos.

Woven, which is a delightfully simple photo viewing app allows you to gather your photos from a wide range of online and offline sources and pull them all together for an on the go viewing and storytelling. Continue reading

ClickDesk: Live Chat for Your Website



As a product or service provider, adding a live chat on your website is not only practical, but it is essentially something that you must necessarily do. Since the advent of internet, most people turn for it when they have any kind of questions or problems. The first thing they do is check the internet, and they want everything to be fast and efficient. So in your part, you should establish a good communication network for your clients or customers. And one way that can help them get your product work in a quick way is to add a live chat to your site. And clickdesk.com can do exactly that. Continue reading

Tell.ly: Easy, Smart & Cheap Cloud Phone System For Businesses



Tell.ly is business telephony as a web service. It provides startups and small businesses with cloud phone services that are easy, smart, analyzable and low-cost.

The service is aimed to provide businesses with an excellent business telephony system in reduced costs. If you own a small business, Tell.ly will mean much less costs and better communication.

Tell.ly provides its users at a fraction of the cost by running everything on the cloud. As this service is targeted towards businesses and not individuals, it is similar to Google Voice yet is different from it. Continue reading

Voipclub: Makes PhoneCalls, Computer-to-Computer Communication Inexpensive



Voipclub is a VoIP solutions company that makes calls to landline phones cheap, fast and easy.

This is a good choice for those who would like to get good service at low rates. The software includes the most popular operating systems that most other providers do not provide. Most of them are only for Windows or Linux etc. Voipclub, on the other hand, is designed for Mac, Windows and Linux, making it very easy for anybody to use it.

You can directly download the software from the site of Voipclub. They also have a version for Android, iPhone and iPad. Continue reading