ImpactDialing : Make Quicker Phone Calls!

ImpactDialing logoBPO and telemarketing system, all share one thing in common i.e. calls and calls. They do realize the importance of an error free calling for their business. However, most of the networks and dialing systems don’t render the quality which is desired by these sectors. But, now you have the ImpactDialing. It gives you scalable, flexible pricing and simple call making facility.

ImpactDialing has been designed for outbound call centers. It coordinates with your system and customizes many features for you such as add capacity, or customized infrastructure from the beginning. Continue reading

Vir2Sim : Entire Globe in Your SIM Now!

Vir2Sim logoThere are so many times when you just want to add up foreigners to your number. You have to pass through a long procedure to activate your SIM with ISD Lines. But not anymore! Vir2Sim provides you with an opportunity to add 20 international phone numbers on your present card. You can easily dial and receive calls with the help of your virtual number. Avail the benefits of cellular without depending on the 3G connection.

Vir2Sim in simple terms grants your virtual number of countries wherever you want to, so that you may be in close contact with your friends, clients and relative staying abroad. Continue reading

FastBuzzer: Get Fast, Cheap Phone Calls Directly From Your Webiste



FastBuzzer provides you with great calling rates in over 20 countries. It is the simplest way to get cheap call rates.

Using FastBuzzer takes only a few minutes. You need to register to and enter your phone number. It could be your home, office or mobile number. FastBuzzer will give you a code that you can cop and paste on your website. And that is all you need to do. Whenever a visitor of your website clicks on that button, you will receive a call on the phone number that you have given to FastBuzzer.

Rates at FastBuzzer start at only 1.9c a minute. It is the most convenient way to communicate with your customers. You do not need to install any plugin or hardware to use FastBuzzer. The person who makes the call will use his/her browser. That is it. Continue reading