Marketing Strategy for Small Startups That Boost Traffic / Sales!

Product has variety, market has variety and customer has fastidious desire to be satisfied. The first priority is always to know more of your product.

What is the nature of your product ? It will determine your major target market, eg. the age of consumer group, the range of their income, and the expectancy of the product to be existed in the market.

In considering these, various marketing strategies can be conceived. For the infant market, the parents are always the source of information. Infant products have the limitation of the range of the provision. So the competition is restricted within certain brands. Continue reading

10 Things For Starting a Startup!


All the global enterprise starts their footprint as an individual business unit, which always positively means it’s a direction. In an age not comparable with the pioneering era, various conditions have to be taken into consideration.

Market positioning

According to the common purpose of running a startup, that is, making profit, which is an indication of success and proof of qualification, rightly position your product within the market place is the first step. And, not to be judgmental, a basic common sense asked from a potentially promising entrepreneur. What is happening around you ? What will happen ?  Continue reading

YoungPrePro: Learn To Write And Earn!

YoungPrePro LogoOften it has been seen that people wish to work on the Internet in their free time to earn some extra income. Freelance writing is a great way to make money on the internet. However, one surely needs to have some good knowledge about writing content and a good idea about what actually is needed to attract the attention of the traffic. YoungPrePro is the only eBook which can help you take the right step towards making a great career in making money in writing with genuine tips which you can execute right away. Continue reading

BenchPrep: Study What You Need, Everywhere & Anywhere!

BenchPrep logoSometimes it is too difficult to find the right study material to prepare for your tests. Be it your High School course, College course or a Competitive exam. BenchPrep produces test prep and other topic based interactive coursework which you can easily access on your computer, Android Smartphones, iPhone and iPad. The content of the courses available on BenchPrep is attained from the top publishers and is improved with assistance from several study features.

It renders amazing assistance to bloggers, investors and more than 2 million students which use this and love it. Continue reading

ResearchGate: A New Innovation for the Scientists and By the Scientists!

ResearchGate logoDid you ever think about discussing your scientific ideas with your friends? Have you ever though what science can do when it’s driven by collaboration? Here is the answer to your question, ResearchGate. Yes! ResearchGate is the ideal location where two people from two different areas of the world can research jointly. The rapid advancement in the technology field has opened gates of innovative thinking by offering you with the right instruments. ResearchGate facilitates technical association on an international scale.

ResearchGate is surely a focal point for your conducting your research, sharing your expertise with your contacts from all over the world. Continue reading

Papersaurus: Affordable and Fast Proof Reading Service



Papersaurus is a service that you provide you proofreading at an affordable price.

Many times we want to get our writing proofread, but do not know where to find professional proofreading service that will do justice to our writing. Even when we find a proofreading service, we do not know how they will edit our work. Papersaurus solves this problem. They are a fast and affordable proofreading service that improves your writing without draining your bank account.

Papersaurus is unlike any other web-based editing and proofreading service. Continue reading

SnappSchool: Know What Your Child Is Studying At School Every Week



SnappSchool is a platform that allows parents to know what their kids are learning.

The service understands that there are many ways to teach things. Co-founder of SnappSchool John Halloran explains, “To do long division, I don’t need the full lesson my fourth grader needs to get through it, but I do need a little reminder. It is not something I do everyday.”

SnappSchool knows that parental involvement directly affects student performance. To allow parents to know what their kids are doing at school helps the kids in their overall development. Interaction here is the key. Continue reading

WordSteps: Enrich Your Vocabulary, Learn New Foreign Words



WordSteps is the newest and the easiest way to learn new foreign words. With the help of WordSteps, you can learn words using your computer, phone or mobile device. That means no matter where you are, you can always learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

This service is for all those who would love languages and would like to learn new words of any language. It also helps you to learn effectively. You can take reading, writing, listening and visual exercises whenever you have time.

WordSteps also helps you to remember what you have learnt. Its built-in algorithm is created to help you remember the words forever and recall them instantly. Continue reading

Petridish: Fund Scientific Research Projects



Petridish is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to fund the science projects that are passionate about.

On Petridish, you can fund science and explore the world with renowned researchers. They bring you the most interesting projects that they can find, and provides you the opportunity to be a part of them.

You can create an account to back one of the amazing featured projects or leave Petridish your email address. They will send you information when additional projects are launched. Continue reading

MindSnacks: Language Learning Is Now Fun



MindSnacks makes it possible for you to have mobile learning games on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

It offers you exciting learning games that help you to learn something new. There are over 1,500 hand-picked words, phrases, audio clips, and pictures jam-packed into 50 lessons. There are six games in one that helps you to become a language wizard. You can learn vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and conversation skills.

On MindSnacks, you can track your progress. It accurately personalizes your experience based on your progress so that you know exactly where you stand. MindSnacks is not a time-waster like other games. It lets you have all the fun you want and in the process allows you to learn. Continue reading