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Facebook Buys Oculus VR – The Virtual Reality Gaming Firm

FB vs OCFacebook : Virtual Game for Thrones! is a social networking website to connect friends, family, and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites beginning as a college networking website and has now expanded to worldwide scope.

Following Facebook’s acquisition spree of Instagram and WhatsApp, now it’s buying Oculus VR, the maker of a virtual reality headset, to compete effectively in the social media spectrum against companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft. Continue reading

Guest Post – Social Media Creating New Ethical Challenges for Health Care Providers

HealthCareSocial media has become an important part of many people’s everyday lives. Sharing news and updates with far-flung family and friends, posting photos from your latest vacation or night out and commenting on the latest in news or pop culture are important parts of many people’s days, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

When you work in health care, though, social media can present some ethical challenges. While some would argue that what professionals do on their time is their business and that it shouldn’t matter what doctors, nurses, therapists and others in the health care field post on social media, the truth is that it does matter. Continue reading

Hashtago – To Connect Brands Easily!

HashtagoFor all those who are not aware, Hashtago is a brilliantly designed SaaS solution that enables users to launch and manage cross-platform, promotion and marketing campaigns focused around hashtags. Hashtago is a website that deploys hashtags as an excellent tool designed for smart, result-oriented business dynamics. Working with hashtago, brands are able easily and quickly set up various hashtag focused marketing and promotion campaigns. Continue reading

Taskvilla – Hiring Becomes Easier!

TaskvillaOften for small-time enterprises, finding the right talent for the business can be a harrowing experience. Indeed, no business wants to hire wrong or incompetent employees. To find a right employee is one of the most perplexing tasks faced by the HR team of the small business.

Taskvilla helps small businesses to find right and competent employees for the business. Continue reading

SymphonyTools – Handle Your Social Media Profiles With Enhanced Image Centric Tools!

SymphonyToolsEveryone wishes to look great on their Social media profile pictures. But how can you accentuate the pictures? With SymphonyTools, you can look amazing and stylish on your social media profile and grow your followers on social networking sites. The creative tools at Symphony make your picture amazingly attractive and allow you to post pictures at a speed 10 times faster on social media profiles. Continue reading

PandaDoc – Make Your Business Life Easier!

PandaDocPandaDoc is all about making your business life manageable and easier. It allows you send documents like a Pro. Right from the serving as web and mobile platforms to sending of digital docs with e-signatures, annotations, changes in tracking and much more, PandaDoc allows you to do all the things related to digital office world. You can send one doc to several platforms in a single format. It gets easy for you as well as customers. Continue reading

Juno Events – Helping Businesses Find Right Events!

Juno Events logoRealizing the importance most businesses give to various kinds of events like trade exhibitions, trade shows, trade fairs and other events, the Juno Events website was launched with an aim to provide the businesses with the necessary help in finding events that concern their business area.

This website can be best described as a social media site that widely caters to the growing events industry. Continue reading

SageOne – Track Your Invoice, Accounts And Tasks!

Sage One LogoWe often search for means to start a small enterprise, however in today’s time; it is very difficult to commence a business. With the help of Sage One, you can easily track your tasks online; go for online accounting as well as invoicing. It allows you to create and send customized invoices online and get rid of entering manual data entry of your income and expenses. While commencing a single entrepreneurship business, it gets very hectic to design accounts manually. Continue reading

Calester – Revolutionizing How Busy People Spend Their Free Time!

Calester LogoFor many small businesses and individual entrepreneurs who are running short on time, initializing their calendar would be the last thing that they have thought of. However, Calester has tapped into this unexplored zone and has come up with an extremely unique product.

The Calester site was launched with a goal to infuse innovation and lend a social life to the boring calendars. Continue reading

ChatDude – Free South Asian Chat Room!

ChatDude LogoChatting is one of the favorite time pass for many people. Some people chat online to make friends, some go into chatting just for passing their time, while some are in search of genuine friends or dating mates. However, people prefer to find friends and mates of their own country. Chatdude is an online chat room that offers you free online chatting opportunities with South Asian around the world. Continue reading