Twitter and Stripe Could Launch ‘BUY’ Button This Year, So You Can Shop From Tweets!

Twitter-shoppingTwitter has been working with Stripe to kick off an eCommerce effort, it’s claimed. Since Twitter is a public company, it needs to boost revenue and  keep shareholders happy. That said, ever since last winter season, reports have actually asserted the company is thinking of tackling eCommerce. A lot more specifically, Twitter wants to allow users purchase products straight from tweets.

Twitter was obviously near authorizing a manage payments Start-up Stripe in January. It now shows up a deal in between the two firms has actually ultimately been struck, base ding on tech information blog Recode. Continue reading

Amazon Brings #AmazonCart to India; Now Add to Amazon Cart From Twitter

amazoncartAmazon has actually introduced its well-liked purchasing service Amazon Cart in India. The most recent shopping experience enables Indian clients to get items from directly with Twitter.

Published in May the #AmazonCart feature connects the Twitter account of the user with Amazon’s make up in-app purchase. It allows the individuals to include an item to the cart straight from Twitter then they could purchase the item whenever they wish. This brand-new attribute from Amazon likewise brings a tagline along with it which says - Add it now. Continue reading

Bhaktimall: Digital Book Store

Bhaktimall: Digital Book StoreBhaktimall brings a lot of surprises for all spirituality lovers. For all those who are not aware, it is a mall’s digital version. Unlike a typical mall, it does create an illusion of joy or happiness , which is often meager and temporary in its appeal. On the other hand, Bhaktimall centers of offering transcendental, pure and lasting bliss to all lovers of spirituality. The mission of Bhaktimall can be best described as serving as an instrument guiding people to experience true happiness. Continue reading

Reviewbuddy – Helping You Attract New Customers!

ReviewbuddyWith the competition among various businesses growing online, businesses have to rely on various tools and tactics to ensure they stay ahead of the competition. ReviewBuddy is a user-friendly tool enabling users to add customer reviews and opinions to your business website.

For all those who are not aware, ReviewBuddy appears like a small box that can be added to the business website. When you have incorporated this tool, it will start showing the average customer rating. Continue reading – Shop For Fashionable Bags!

Miumiuoutletbag LogoToday, shopping online for various products has become quite common. With the advent and the spread of internet, people now prefer online shopping compared to traditional shopping. Bags, apparel, electronics are all bought online.

Out of all the fashion accessories that one can flaunt, the bag or the wallet is indeed the most important one. Continue reading

FindYogi – Justify MRP And Feature Ratings For Every Gadget!

FindYogi LogoWe always prefer buying the best gadgets at the lowest possible rate. But, how often do we make a comparison to find out whether the gadget is worth the price at which you are ready to purchase it for? Well, if your decision to purchase something gives you happiness, then FindYogi realizes its responsibility of making purchases simpler for you. It helps you to determine whether the current MRP of the product is justified for it or not. Continue reading

Shiplock: Your Shopping Collegefied!

Shiplock LogoShiplock is a simple retail business online. It provides the college student seamless options for items which highlight the life of a student and bring those products at their doorsteps in one day intervals. Whether you want to order books, clothing, cakes, flowers, gadgets, stationary or anything, at Shiplock, you get all your fleets and fleets of orders covered. Continue reading