Vizalizer – Searchable, Social Network For Professional Data Visualization!

Vizalizer LogoVizalizer eases the process of creation; analysation and generation of data visualisation via social network that jots together analysts, journalist, scientists, and socialites along with readers to make content for analysis and discussion, designing for presentation, publication as well as advertising.

The site works with a motive to transmute the users into influencers. Continue reading

Sopularity – Use The Right Tags To Enhance Your Social Popularity!

sopulerity LogoOften, you search to get the right means to go popular online on the various social networking sites. You check SEO; go for checking out SERP, however, you forget that the social popularity gets greatly affected by the effective use of tags. One can get great social exposure by making an appropriate use of hash tags. Sopularity is one of the best platforms to help you get the suitable hash tags for your tweets. Continue reading

WebTalentMarketing: Online Marketing Service!

WebTalentMarketing logoAre you in search of a reliable online marketing service agency? Prepared with the latest technique, great experience and classic management skills, the WebTalentMarketing is presented to the online website development and internet marketers render high quality output and meet the requirements of the clients. But what actually is WebTalentMarketing? It contains the hub competencies of complete search engine promotion and innovative design stadium.

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Headhuntable: Find Excellent Developers Easily



Seeing that our industry has a big problem and needs to be restored by exciting projects, developers are indeed in need. But more often than not, you just spend relentless hours for the search, only to discover some sub- par candidates. That’s where comes in. It is a platform where developers can show off their work, socialize with other developers and really showcase themselves.

Founded by developers themselves, it is built with the understanding of the complexities and challenges of developers. So indeed, Headhuntable is for developers. Continue reading is for your iOS App Marketing Needs

The ever- increasing role of smart phones in our lives means that there will also be a significant change in the number of mobile app released every year. And most naturally, people will want to know how to make apps. And that’s why knowing how to make your application come on top of App Store search results is going to become indispensable.

App SEO will be a contributing factor to make your app discoverable amongst hundreds of thousands other apps. And a start- up has developed tools to increase the probability of you being seen through the ability to test, compare and monitor such things as naming choices, keywords and ranking probabilities. It can keep track of your competitors as well. Continue reading

Ragic: Cloud Colloboration Tool For Everybody



Ragic helps you in letting your software fit you. It offers you super flexible CRM system, HR system, sales system, support system and DB applications. It’s tag-line ‘Don’t change to fit your software, let your software fit you’, sounds tempting.

On Ragic, you can easily find and install an application. You can browse their library for an application that is closest to your need. If you cannot find an app that you need, you can always make modifications on the one that is closest to your need.

Unlike the table-based approach, Ragic users are not required to create tables, relations, views or write any SQL. They only need to create the form for their users to fill in like they would in a spreadsheet. Continue reading

GeoEdge Provides Global Visibility Solutions



GeoEdge is a platform that views, monitors and analyzes targeted content in 100+ locations worldwide.

GeoEdge knows how important compliance is to you. You can, through GeoEdge, ensure your ad policies are not breached. You can also check that your content appears accurately in different markets around the world. GeoEdge also complies with governmental and organizational policies in each country. You can reduce hassle with more effective and efficient question answers.

With proprietary servers in more than 75 counties and 25 U.K. and North American cities, GeoEdge is the largest proxy network worldwide. GeoEdge has high-performance servers. It is used exclusively by professionals, and provides fast and reliable access to web content. Continue reading

Skills: Merge Facebook & LinkedIn And You Get Skills



You knew tagging was important for SEO, but you never knew it was so important. Skills is a platform that is based on tags. It is good that somebody thought about this because this is a new idea that sounds exciting.

Skills is a website where anybody can tag himself/herself, their friends etc. with Skills and interests. Yes, there needs to be specifications otherwise it could all go out of hand. Skills is a community for professionals. You got the idea from its name.

On Skills, you can add as many interests as you have and as many Skills as you possess. It will not do good to exaggerate or fantasize here. Stick to what you can do and what you are really interested in. That will help to attract like-minded people and fellow professional in your field. Continue reading

WebsitesLike: Find Similar and Alternative Websites



If you are looking for a website much similar to the ones that you are on or any other site for that matter, then you should give a go. This notable website search engine enables you to view websites that are related to the ones you visit.

So if you’re tired of using the same website, it can help you find similar, related, or alternative websites. They do it better than any other services on the web since they have the largest index of alternative websites that are publicly available. They have a considerable number of the freshest data with an index that updates several times a day. It is remarkably fast and has currently thousands of users relying on it as a source of finding alternative sites, which is saying a lot. Continue reading

Movable Ink: Stream real-time dynamic content in email

Movable Ink

Movable Ink

Movable Ink is a real-time marketing company that empowers your email marketing campaigns.

When you send your promotional or marketing material through email, much of it remains unread. In the digital world where there are cropping up new ways to marketing, email marketing seems to be going down. Movable Ink saw the opportunity to make email a powerful marketing tool yet again because they believe that email can delight, compel and engage. Continue reading