Software as a Service (SaaS) is a subscription based software distribution method, where software applications are normally deployed on the cloud and user can access them through the internet.

Vend – Online POS Software To Make Your Retail Store Smarter

VendHQOver the years, popularity of POS (Point of Sale) systems is increasing significantly and already being used widely in retail stores around the world. Most of these POS software are desktop based offering a very limited set of features, lacking customization options with  very old fashioned user interfaces back to windows 98. Due to their old fashioned rigid architecture, some time they are a big pain to the retailers. Vend, an online POS software on the cloud, wants to take the pain and make the retail stores even smarter and painless.

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Hashtago – To Connect Brands Easily!

HashtagoFor all those who are not aware, Hashtago is a brilliantly designed SaaS solution that enables users to launch and manage cross-platform, promotion and marketing campaigns focused around hashtags. Hashtago is a website that deploys hashtags as an excellent tool designed for smart, result-oriented business dynamics. Working with hashtago, brands are able easily and quickly set up various hashtag focused marketing and promotion campaigns. Continue reading

Mangoapps: Brings Combined Solutions for Mid-Marketers

MangoappsMangoapps is a unique website that is currently used by 7,500 plus companies across the globe. Mangoapps seamlessly combines Team Collaboration Tools, Social Networking as well as Intranet Pages into a single breakthrough product.

Ever since Mangoapps was launched, it has revolutionized File Sharing, Collaboration and Communication. With Mangoapps, you are forever in control of your online presence. Using this website, you can easily customize your website’s user interface like the Projects, Groups as well as the Dashboard. Continue reading

PandaDoc – Make Your Business Life Easier!

PandaDocPandaDoc is all about making your business life manageable and easier. It allows you send documents like a Pro. Right from the serving as web and mobile platforms to sending of digital docs with e-signatures, annotations, changes in tracking and much more, PandaDoc allows you to do all the things related to digital office world. You can send one doc to several platforms in a single format. It gets easy for you as well as customers. Continue reading

OnlineInvoices – What Does It Offer To Businesses Easily and Quickly

OnlineInvoiceWhen looking to create a good impression on your clients, there are various strategies you can adopt. It is not always necessary to invest in high-investment strategies to carve a favorable image. Most businesses are not aware of the fact that even with their shipment invoices, they send out a sublime message of their company’s brand identity and reputation to their clients.

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PinaCMS – How is it Different From Other Ecommerce SaaS Solutions!

PinaCMSThe present SaaS e-commerce systems are designed in such a manner that the developer completely controls the system. This restricts the expansion as well as customization of these systems. However, PinaCart is a one-of-its-kind ecommerce system. It is a simple and a quick solution to all your ecommerce queries.

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Librarika: Your free Library Information System Online!

librarikaDo you wish to create your own online library but thinking of the high hardware and software costs involved? Here is a solution for you, Librarika. You can easily create your online library at Librarika without any involvement of hardware, software or infrastructure cost. The best about the site is that it is 100% free for up to 2000 titles with multiple library branches.

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Cantanding : Online Karaoke For Free!

Cantanding LogoDo you sometimes wish to sing along to the songs you like? If yes, then contending is the right site for you to visit. It is a free karaoke site on the internet which provides an array of songs for you to sing on the internet. The best part is you also find lyrics and video clips for free.

Cantanding offers you the service to listen music online, view free videos along with the lyrics. In case, you are looking for some special song, the site has a search box which you can use to search a karaoke song or else go any song present in the long list in front of you and choose any randomly. Continue reading