HTC One (M8) : A Gadget for Five Senses!

HTC OneHTC Corporation, formerly High-Tech Computer Corporation, is a manufacturer of smartphones and tablets with headquarter in New Taipei City, Taiwan. Founded in 1997, HTC began as an original design and equipment manufacturer, dedicating in mobile phones, touchscreen phones, and PDAs manufacturing.

March 25th, HTC released a new version of the HTC One — codenamed M8, might refer to the fact that this is the eight flagship smartphone that HTC has launched — in New York City and London. Continue reading

BrandShield – Stand firm with the authenticity

BrandShieldBrandShield, is an online brand monitoring and protection system, aiming at heightening online brand name security and counteracting internet fraud which includes violation of intellectual property rights, misuse of brand names, impersonations, identity theft, imitations, misleading of customers, etc.

It is an online analyzing device featuring hierarchical functions of discovery of infringing websites, expanding valuable investment, counteracting and promotional strategy. Continue reading

Vend – Online POS Software To Make Your Retail Store Smarter

VendHQOver the years, popularity of POS (Point of Sale) systems is increasing significantly and already being used widely in retail stores around the world. Most of these POS software are desktop based offering a very limited set of features, lacking customization options with  very old fashioned user interfaces back to windows 98. Due to their old fashioned rigid architecture, some time they are a big pain to the retailers. Vend, an online POS software on the cloud, wants to take the pain and make the retail stores even smarter and painless.

Continue reading

Eventzilla – An Online Event Registration And Ticketing Software

event-zillaThinking about organising classes, training programs, seminars, workshops, conferences, music concerts, sports tournaments, or social events, but worried about managing attendees or the hassle involved with ticket selling and distribution. Eventzilla, an online event registration and ticketing software, is here to help you out by making the ticket selling process smoother for both online and offline selling.

In addition to selling tickets and event registration, it facilitates communications with attendees and issues involving cancellations that happens a lot for all most all kind of events. Since, its online, you can mange the entire process online without even downloading anything on your desktop. Continue reading

BrainCert – Your E-learning Platform!

BrainCertCheck out the safe and powerful, simple to understand tools to learn, educate and communicate online with BrainCert. It is an online virtual classroom program that provides an interactive and collaborative virtual learning experience.  yes, it is easiest form to learn, education and interact on a global platform.

Commenced in 2000, BrainCert is a well-known e-learning medium to connect people and offer top-notch education in a simplified manner. The site perfects in offering state of the art online test techniques. Continue reading

Guest Post: Connect With the Future By Using Quick Response Codes

It’s hard to remember today that widespread smartphone use is still a recent development. People are familiar with their basic uses and with a handful of apps, but many of the possibilities of carrying a computer in your pocket are still unfamiliar to most smartphone users. The use of quick response codes is one of these possibilities. Quick response codes are starting to gain some traction in the marketplace, showing up in more places like advertisements or on product tags. But their full range of uses is still not widely recognized, and many more people could make use of these handy codes to connect with other people or advertise their businesses. Continue reading

Guest Post: Keep Your Kids Entertained with Great eBooks

Kids can be easily distracted. This will come as no surprise to any parent. What may come as a surprise to you is just how much kids enjoy reading eBooks. According to Family Magazine, kids enjoy the entertaining way in which eBooks are created. Parents can choose from hundreds of titles, narrowing down the choices by options like how much they are going to pay and the ways in which the stories will be represented. If you are looking for great books for your kids, you can find titles for free, self-reading eBooks and even interactive eBooks. Your kids will be entertained in a whole new way. With all of the great ways kids can use eBooks, you may find yourself wishing you were a kid too. Continue reading

Socialgimme: Creating Pages With No Codes

SocialgimmeSocialgimme is web application enabling people to create attractive and responsive pages without a lot of hassle or consuming a lot of time.  With the advent of the internet, businesses have streamlined their marketing operations with online marketing being the epicenter of their marketing campaigns. However, many businesses fail to understand the value of an attractive and a responsive design. Continue reading

Updatey: Track Your Project Easily!

UpdateYWith outsourcing growing at an enormous rate, employers are looking for different avenues through which they can track the work happening on the project remotely. There are various tools that allow employers to track the project progress. One of this is the UpdateY. If you are thinking UpdateY is yet another app or tool for project management, then you are highly mistaken. UpdateY is a unique and a highly efficient tool for project management. Continue reading

WorkSnaps : Connect Your Team Virtually With Time Tracking!

WorkSnapsOutsourcing projects has proved to be a boon to many firms, be it startups or established ones. However, organizations should also keep a tab on the amount of work finished by their contractor. There are many a times when organizations are not able to track the payments made to remote employees o workers and it may so happen that they pay them for the time for which they haven’t been at the desk. Indeed, such a situation is quite common and organizations have different ways to deal with this. Continue reading