BragStats: Social Networking for Athletes

BragStatsBragStats is an innovative and a fun new social networking and website portal for any athlete of any age to record stats, athletic, and academic info, upload sports pictures and videos, and stay connected with fans and family and share their sports’ accomplishments!

It is a network that comprises athletes, teams, coaches, fans, and families. It allows all members to make free personalized profiles and connect with peers and families. So if you are an athlete, a parent, or simply a sport enthusiast, you can make one personalized sports profile. Continue reading

Korrio Makes Your Sports Life Simple & Organized



Korrio is a great new platform for kids who are into sports. They have the single focus on kids and sports. Their mission is to transform the sports experience and elevate the level at which sports are played by automating the things that come in the way.

According to Korrio, they are the most advanced sports automation platform on the planet. It harnesses the power of next-generation web technology to make tasks simper and automatic. Continue reading

StreetID: Get Matched with Financial Institutions



If you want to be connected with the financial institution from around the world, you might as well join StreetID. StreetID is a search engine that matches any candidate to hiring managers created under criteria that were mutually specified. This gives everyone with a much more significant experience.

If you want to get started with StreetID, a detailed profile should be completed with information such as your education, work experience, and the languages you speak must be provided. A pre- determined criteria is going to be used when you fill different segments of the profile. This same criteria will also be use to individualize the talent Continue reading

Quirky: Innovate, Explore, and Collaborate To Make Better Products



Quirky is “the easiest way to bring your ideas to life”. On Quirky, you can help a new product take shape by submitting and voting for product ideas, product designs, name and other phases of a product’s development.

That means that any user of the Internet can participate in making a product better by working on it from home! Quirky is an amazing and innovative ideas for creative and skilled people. Continue reading Create a Google+ Powered Blog

+Plusses is a hosted platform for blogging. It basically gets all the work done for you. Not surprisingly, you may have spent a great deal of time trying to make the content of your Google+ platform. Along these lines, this service will make sure that the effort you have exerted in making your blog won’t be gone to waste. You will no longer be going through rewriting it for your conventional blog. With +Plusses, your online presence will increase dramatically since it is a Google+ powered blog. Continue reading connects you with fellow professionals online and offline connects professionals online and offline so that they can share their knowledge and work to grow.

Yes, we have LinkedIn to connect professionally online, but the difference has introduced is that it not only connects online, but also encourages you to participate in offline events that interest you. At these events, you get to meet your online friends in reality, which is much better than just having them as online friends. You can share much more with them about your profession and bring in more ideas when you know them in real life. Continue reading

Path.To: Get your job profile into the limelight



Path.To is a service that helps you to create a smarter looking profile and get it into the limelight.

Because the information on the profile is taken quickly from Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, you do not need to personally add details. Path.To, then, maps your profile information and sets it up at Path.To in seconds.

Users at Path.To can endorse other professionals too. The more endorsements you get, the better your profile looks.

Anybody who has created a personal profile knows how hard it is to create one that looks interesting and makes you look as good as you actually are. It does not matter whether you are good, you need to project to an employer that you are. And that is one of the areas where Path.To comes in and helps.

Path.To loves skills, just like employers. They have engineered an endorsement algorithm to identify the most skilled people across industries. When you add a skill to your profile, you automatically get endorsed.

You can track the websites that link to your profile using the personal analytics of Path.To. You will be informed when someone mentions your Path.To profile anywhere on the web so that, if you want, you can reciprocate.

On your Path.To dashboard, you get to see who endorsed you and who requested an endorsement along with Facebook friends who use Path.To.

On Leaderboards, you get to compete with other professionals in your area of expertise. Healthy competition will only get you to better yourself and work harder at achieving your goals.

For employers, leaderboards can be a great resource for identifying talent. As the top professionals on leaderboards have many endorsements and are experts in their fields, it makes it very easy for employers to zero in on people they want to hire.

All in all, Path.To is a great resource for professionals who are looking for a way to get noticed.

Retickr: An Application That Customizes News



The company, Retickr was founded in 2011 so as to create a unique, innovative, and easy way to integrate social media updates, blogs, and news. It is an application that is specifically aimed at personalizing news updates. In a nutshell, Retickr wants to revolutionize and simplify the course of news sharing by personalizing and creating a more efficient method of distribution.

In the modern world of information, Retickr hopes to be of service in bringing about a platform that aggregates social media together with the news. Through the new platform, users can readily select channels that have some sort of impact towards them and will then be made from a far- reaching available main page and then sit back as it start managing all the messages so as to present the various features that shows a more personal experience. The messages employing the interface speed and style can be changed. Moreover, every single news may be shared on various sites like Facebook and Twitter. It enables you to stream updates to your social networking sites and see when your friends post on your wall. No more tabs or windows. No more trouble. It is one of the many exciting features that Retickr has to offer.

So if you see a story that you like, you could just simply click the headline so as to reveal the frop-down window  and it will eventually allow you to read the article, share it, or even comment on it. After that, just click the headline one more time and the existing window will disappear and you are back to work. In the long run, it comes right down if you had fun sharing the news with all your friends. And Retickr transformed this process. The news are actually always fresh and you get updated without the hassle.

It is all so spontaneous and the spread of word become so addictively refreshing because you feel an effect of a clear and and beyond question piece of information.

Google+ – Google To Shake The Social World Of Facebook

Google Plus Logo

The Google+ Project

Search engine giant Google has unveiled its new social networking platform Google+ for public field trial. With circles, photos, sparks, +1 (plus one), hangouts and profiles it is a full fledged social networking platform which is just ready to fight the dominance of Facebook’s social world. Unlike the recently closed Google project Google Wave, Google+ have been widely accepted by both techy and non techy people. Many of my friends has asked me in advance to give them Google+ invitation as soon as it becomes available. Its like people are bored with the one and only Facebook, they are waiting for something new and interesting.

Facebook with 700 million user alone now dominating the social world. Though Google is the most visited site on the Internet, Facebook has accomplished something different, people spend maximum time on Facebook than Google. People driven by their own interest hands over their very important personal and social information to Facebook. Google has data but not very specific and personal data that Facebook has about their user. Google feels the need of their very own social network, because at the end they do business with the data.

Lets have a look at the important features brought by Google+. Circle which is similar to twitter but a bit different from friend in Facebook, it doesn’t require acceptation, you can follow and unfollow anyone at anytime without their permission. Then you can easily share your status and other data within your circle which is a bit difficult in Facebook. Hangout, so far considered one of the strong feature of Google+, lets you have video chat with more than one people easily and you can have video chat within one or more circle at real time. And Spark lets you dive into your are of interests. Text chats and voice call service is already built-in into Google+. All sort of communication tools are already there and they have a strong user base, the chance is higher this time.

Though these features are not yet strong enough considered to the Facebook platform but it is the base, on top of this solid foundation they can add more features in the future like Page for businesses, Photo Tagging, Events and other interesting features to fight with Facebook platform. Currently, only selected people have access to Google+, Google is bringing more people into it as time goes by.

Finally, each Google project has 50-50 chance of success, this time lets wait to see its future!

Tutorhub – Online Tutoring Platform For School Going Kids

tutorhub logoTutorhub is an excellent UK based online tutoring platform focused on supporting school age kids with their homework. Tutorhub provides private one-to-one tutoring over the internet using instant messages which kids are familiar with and enjoy. All the tutors in Tutorhub are both CRB checked and experts in their chosen subjects and many of them are teacher and university graduate or undergraduate students. Tutors set their own rates based on their area of expertise. Parents can control their kids account if they wish and can view tutor’s performance on passed sessions.

Tutorhub‘s amazing web based learning platform is for both tutors and school going kids. Tutors can have a profile providing all the necessary information about the themselves such as name, charging rates, area of expertise etc.  Parents or kids can choose their tutor seeing tutor’s profile and select how much time they want to spend with the tutor. This way, people can easily get tutor from this website. If parents feel that tutoring session did not go as expected, there is a refund policy which is applicable if called withing 72 hours. According to Tutorhub, most of the tutors are available from 4 pm to 9 pm at weekdays and from 2 pm to 6 pm at weekends.

Another important feature of Tutorhub is, it provides the opportunity to ask free questions to all and answer to those questions. This helps people to learn many things by asking and answering. In addition, Tutorhub also provides necessary child safety features, so parents can be ensured about their child safety when they are using this platform and they can also report any inappropriate conversations. Tutors are allowed to get payment once a month and they can not request for payment until five weeks after the session.

Feature at a glance:

  • Create a free or paying account
  • Hourly charging rates
  • Payment once a month
  • Child safe design
  • Refund Policy

Finally, we can say that students can improve themselves doing homework, coursework, revising their study and other activity though proper use of this wonderful platform. So, we welcome you to try it yourself and let us know your feedback.

For more information, Learningfy and Kidzmet are two similar platform we have already reviewed about. You can also have a look at those two platforms and compare yourself.