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MPOWER Financing : Loans for Domestic and international Student at US Colleges

MPOWER FinancingMPOWER Financing is a college funding for highly- employable domestic & international students at top US campuses who are left out of traditional banking options, to help them to initiate or complete their college degree.

Over 5 million students both domestic or international struggle financially to get into or through college in the US. Up to 15% of students drop out because of financials while others downgrade their education to make ends meet. By partnering with universities, pooling investments from private investors, and applying advanced risk analytic’s to estimate borrowers’ post-graduation earnings, MPOWER provides loans to students left out of traditional financing options. Continue reading

SignUpFirst: Get Rewards in Exchange for Signups

SignUpFirst Get Rewarded for SignupsSignUpFirst is a platform where people can get rewards in exchange for signups. Just state what your giving and start receiving signups straight away, and offer free promotion to online startups.

Signupfirst say to thanks for beta tester and give a rewards for first 100 people life time premium account. This means whatever optional paid features which are introduced in the future will automatically be added to these accounts!.

Signupfirst help’s people get signups to their website or application by giving rewards to those who sign up first rewards. Continue reading Dogma is The First Ever Pay-it-Forward Pet Sitting Community

DogmaDogma is a Startup based in Northern Va and it is a culmination of a lifelong desire to support the community around us, our family, our friends and most especially our furry babies.

Dogma is the first ever pay-it-forward pet sitting community where members within a 6-mile radius can exchange pet sitting services with one another. There’s no need to pay for services, simply pay-it-forward to the community by pet sitting for someone else. Continue reading

PayQR – for Instant Payment Purchases at Favorite Stores Via QR-Codes.

PayQRWhat is a QR code?

QR (Quick Response) codes are two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes that you can scan or read with your iPhone, Android or other camera-enabled smartphone. With a simple free app, anyone can scan a QR and link to whatever is attached to the code.

PayQR – totally free financial application for mobile phones that allows paying for purchases from bank cards via QR-codes scanning. QR-codes are placed on any sort of paper and also electronic media in retails store, restaurants and e-shops. To make payment with PayQR the buyer just only open the application on their phone, point the cam at QR-code and confirm purchases on the screen. Continue reading

MailMatters: A Huge Opportunity For Business Savings.

mailmattersIn recent years, studies by companies consisting of Intel, McKinsey, and Penn State University of Medicine have actually uncovered the huge opportunity to capture cost savings through improved e-mail management.

In this age of “Email Overload”, workers face constant distraction from ever-increasing E-mail quantities with only a small percentage of those received messages (most estimates put the average at less than 20 %) considered relevant to current projects and also priorities. Continue reading Your Social Marketing Platform. is a new and unique social advertising and marketing platform that connects brands, agencies and individuals with connects chosen customer bases. The outcome: boost in leads and also sales for each and every getting involved party! is a superb method to monetize your social fans, concerning of the platform. The only point you’ll require is useful material and people that enjoy reading it!

You could subscribe as an Advertiser on, and add your social accounts. Try tagging each one of them with the appropriate label (such as ‘Sports’ or ‘Travel’) and pick your price each click. Continue reading

Digmaa Launches House Building Collaboration Website

DigmaaWhen Austin Mac Nab was waiting for his new home to be built in Des Moines, Iowa, he was frustrated by the lack of information he got from his home builder. He wanted day-to-day updates on the progression of construction but did not always get them. As an alternative, he would certainly travel to the job site to see for himself.

‘Although I enjoyed going to my new home to view the progress, it quickly came to be a part-time job considering that I was always left wondering just what’s following,’ he states. ‘I knew there needed to be a better method to keep updated as well as benefit the home builder.’ Continue reading

KeyCDN: Accelerate Your Games, Software Delivery, Advertisements, CMS, Websites and Many More.

KeyCDNWhat’s a Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery network is a system of geographically distributed servers. These worldwide servers keep reproductions of your Content automatically. The main benefits of a CDN have to do with performance and high availability.

CDNs increase websites or information delivery by greatly lessening loading times all over the world. Content is served from the closest edge server available. A supposed side server lowers latency as it is closer to end users, and the closer a server is, the much less congestion there is the way. Continue reading

Midnight Scoop – The Easiest Way To Scoop Hard Ice Cream


Midnight Scoop, a Kickstarter backed project, aims to provide a better ice cream scoop (they call it magic scoop) for all of us. I’m sure it a good news for hard and cold ice cream lovers. It is quite successful in its initial round of fund raising through Kickstarter and it has already raised $30,831 as of today of their $17,500 goal amount. This is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

So, whats the problem with existing scoops? Well, according to Midnight Scoop, everyone has been scooping ice cream wrong. Current ice cream scoops require you to use weak wrist joins to scoop hard ice cream. The prying motion that you need to do when scooping ice cream puts tremendous amounts of stress on your weak wrist joints that makes scooping ice cream very difficult. In order to avoid this, some people use heated scoop causing the ice cream to be melted. Continue reading

StrawClub – Restaurant MatchMaking Service

STRAWCLUBRemember, when was the last time you visited a dating site, after the raise of Facebook and Mobile apps, the answer is probably more than a year for most of the people. Especially, for professionals who are extremely busy with their career and life events, its pretty unrealistic to go to a traditional match making website and waste tons of precious time. There has to be a fun and quicker way to find a date.

StrawClub, a Restaurant Matchmaking service, is going to find the best and quickest solution for you. You can meet with complete strangers just with the tap of a button and its totally hassle free. There are certain rules in place in order to ensure the safety on your date.
Continue reading