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Midnight Scoop – The Easiest Way To Scoop Hard Ice Cream


Midnight Scoop, a Kickstarter backed project, aims to provide a better ice cream scoop (they call it magic scoop) for all of us. I’m sure it a good news for hard and cold ice cream lovers. It is quite successful in its initial round of fund raising through Kickstarter and it has already raised $30,831 as of today of their $17,500 goal amount. This is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

So, whats the problem with existing scoops? Well, according to Midnight Scoop, everyone has been scooping ice cream wrong. Current ice cream scoops require you to use weak wrist joins to scoop hard ice cream. The prying motion that you need to do when scooping ice cream puts tremendous amounts of stress on your weak wrist joints that makes scooping ice cream very difficult. In order to avoid this, some people use heated scoop causing the ice cream to be melted. Continue reading

StrawClub – Restaurant MatchMaking Service

STRAWCLUBRemember, when was the last time you visited a dating site, after the raise of Facebook and Mobile apps, the answer is probably more than a year for most of the people. Especially, for professionals who are extremely busy with their career and life events, its pretty unrealistic to go to a traditional match making website and waste tons of precious time. There has to be a fun and quicker way to find a date.

StrawClub, a Restaurant Matchmaking service, is going to find the best and quickest solution for you. You can meet with complete strangers just with the tap of a button and its totally hassle free. There are certain rules in place in order to ensure the safety on your date.
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Hotjar Insights – A Powerful Way To Reveal True Website User Behavior And Experiences

Hotjar InsightsIf you are from web or mobile app industry, then you probably know that there are more than hundreds of web performance analytical tools available out there. That including Google Analytics itself, CrazyEgg, Clicktale, Qualaroo, Miapex, Mixpanel and many more, yet users are not satisfied with the performance measurement capabilities provided by these tools. In addition to that, their features and capability significantly vary from one to another.

Hotjar Insights is another brand new analytical tool for understanding true website and mobile users behaviour and experience from one central place. Continue reading

Blleep – Organize Events Spontaneously With Friends Nearby



With tons of web and mobile apps solely dedicated to events creation, we are still unhappy how we interact with with the events because of maintaining long invitees list, hassle in communicating with the participants, coping with time schedules etc. Blleep is here to provide a very specific but casual solution to this particular problem, specially for your social events.

Blleep lets you quickly look up the number of friends in around the location and organize events with one click. Using a distinguished event creation mechanism, it protects your privacy while still ensuring your capability to create events when you’re on the move. Continue reading – Online Mobile Website Builder Application

Mobile is the fasted growing application development platform at this moment with millions of active smart mobile devices worldwide connected to the high speed Internet. Its a huge market and your competitors are probably on their way to this platform. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website or app for your business now its time to have one before its too late., a simplified mobile website builder tool, is here to aid you in this entire process. And to do this you need no previous experience or coding knowledge, yea, Its that simple.

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Astonish Email – A Simplified Email Marketing Tool For Small Businesses

Astonish Email

If you are from small business arena, you probably are exhausted with existing email marketing tools out there. Astonish Email, a simply designed but very handy email tool, is here to bring a solution for your your business needs. Its main focus is on ambitious small businesses so you can count on it.

Astonish Email passionately believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy. By leveraging a smart email marketing tool ambitious small businesses can easily communicate with all of their contacts and build a fairly good business network which will definitely expands the potential of your business. Continue reading

MuscleLove – The Popular Social Networking App Specializing in Bodybuilding!

MuscleLoveMuscleLove is a simply designed iPhone App skillfully based on the complex of Applied Psychology and human physiology. The designer has been well aware of the dilemma between a natural path of shriveling enthusiasm and a persistent human survival instinct for a superior existence. Thus the birth of MuscleLove.

The Inspiration feature is the trigger of all the mechanism. By activating the feature, a user will be shown thousands of pictures taken by his peers within different categories. These pictures are not for entertainment only. They are the sealing up for the past and threshold for the future. Continue reading

BusinessPlanToday – Makes Business Planning Automated

BusinessplanTodayBusinessplantoday is an executable software that makes the business planning automated. The designers place all the aspects of business planning into consideration, literarily, making business plan contents, adding Glossary, and numerically, building financial statement, calculating loans.

The software considerately working on the fixed content, and more fluid information as well. For example, you can prepare the text section for Management Team, Mission Statement, and the dependency system will process the information iteratively and in specific order in each report that will be in need. Continue reading

PageProofer : Go Where Cursor Points!

PageProoferPageProofer is an internet based service for web designers and developers to respond to website feedback, track design bug, collaborate team operation, and improve live and collateral communication.

The function features easy implementation with only a piece of a code snippet to be integrated into the footer of your website for start and running; handy operation, 3 clicks to leave the feedback anywhere questionable; live communication, team effort can be engaged with moment’s notice; and diversified multiple platform. Continue reading