HabitDoc: Get Rid of Your Bad Habits!

HabitDoc LogoDo you want to get rid of your drinking habits? Do you wish to change but you don’t the right way to change? If yes, then here HabitDoc is the right place for you. It is the habit health club with reliable and accurate online resources which make use of cutting edge technology along with scientific psychological ways of self control, self confidence, self help tools and ideas. It provides one to one individual help and guidance for all kinds of lifestyles.

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enthuse LogoWell, it is never easy for anyone to show your passion which you possess for a subject by means of a resume. It is not really easy to see that enthusiasm over people by using any of the social networking tools or creating new Facebook content. Maybe your interest lies in Instagram; you might be interested in the blogs or in just creating a Facebook page of different genres. helps you to network and promote applications where you simply design a unique one page profile where you can display the best of your stuff you possess all across the internet. Continue reading

TapMyBiz: Great Impact Networking Cards For NFC Business!

TapMyBiz LogoYour business card is truly your business identity in front of the whole world. What is your status and how well you work; everything is displayed on your card. Thus, your card should be perfect and very well designed. TapMyBiz helps you design the best NFC cards with the help of NFC technique which simply means that the data on your business card easily gets shared with your Smartphone in less than a second time.

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Simple: Substitute your Bank!

Simple LogoMost of the time, people are found cursing their banks for their dysfunctionality. They don’t find their bank appropriate for some or the other reason. But now you don’t have to nag for every bank transactions of yours! Simple is the fastest and most innovative to pay your bills, your any of your debts via check or NEFT. Simple is your all new, largest network of no FEE ATM system. You can use your simple care to purchase anything and everything. The moment you make your transaction, it appears in your account in seconds.

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Klipbook : Your Link Saver While Browsing The Web!

Klipbook LogoOften you desire to refer to a link later and wish to save it somewhere. What do you do then, cut paste the link somewhere, or bookmark it? Well not to worry now, you have an all new website which organizes your links and share them with your friends whenever you want to. It is one of the recent innovations to help you remind the bookmarked webpages. Klipbook is the newest innovations to surf your bookmarks holding multimedia content which is automatically embedded such as YouTube and SoundCloud.

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Ubooq : Book Appointments Online!

Ubooq LogoWhen your business starts progressing, often you need a receptionist to handle your day to day appointments. But, now you can create a free reception online for you. Ubooq is a user friendly appointment booking system which allows your clients to book appointments online, exactly like your receptionist would have done! It allows immediate booking at any point of time. There is no compulsion for the clients to book an appointment within office hours or wait for the office to open. They don’t have to sit on hold or wait for the response via emails. Just go online and book your appointment.

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PieSync: Empower Highrise for Google Applications!

PieSyncHow many times have you thought of getting a synchronization of all your Highrise contacts? Here is an app for you which help you to do that. PieSync syncs all your Highrise connection for you as well as your team. It keeps checking and updating your Gmail and all the other apps supported by Google on your desktops as well as Smartphones. It keeps syncing your data continuously without any incorrect or outdated information. However, the synchronization is limited from Highrise to Google connections. It allows two – way sync.

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Gonnasphere: Share Your To-Dos With Your Friends & Followers



Gonnasphere is an application that allows you to organize your to-dos and follow others. This productivity tool lets you tell your friends about the things that you plan to do. Your friends and then converse with you on that topic and provide you with encouragement. You can also help them with their stuff.

Apart from that, Gonnasphere also allows you to see the most popular to-dos in the city. Most people love to get along with somebody to try something new; therefore, Gonnasphere allows its users the opportunity to find to-dos that many people love. That means there are more chances of your loving it too. Continue reading

Wizgig: Tips from Like- Minded People



Having a well- written post is one significant factor for people to be interested with your piece. However, good writing alone will not suffice the demands of most readers. Generally, they want something that they can relate to, something which they can associate themselves expressively. A startup called Wizgig does exactly that.

Wizgig is basically a place for you to find quick and helpful tips across a wide range of topic. Topics included are web design, energy- saving tips, interviewing, and more. Continue reading

Pair: An App For Long Distance Relationships



Pair is an app that is designed for those couples for are in a long distance relationship. It changes the way couples interact with each other even when they are apart.

It is a service that saves juggling between emails, phone calls, messaging and chat. Here, you will find features that are created to help you to be in touch with your loved one while they are away.

The app provides private sms, free messaging, sketch together, thumb kiss, sharing of location, sharing of to-do list, quick thought and more. Continue reading