Dropbox’s Carousel Now Works for Apple iPad and Web, with Android Tablet Version Coming Soon… !

Dropbox's CarouselRemember Carousel? That application from Dropbox that automatically backup your photos and displays them in a Carousel? Well, it’s now available for tablets and web.

In April, when Carousel for Android and Apple iPhone unveiled, Dropbox had actually described its new Smartphone application as a gallery for all the pictures and also videos from your life, considering that it incorporated the photos in your Dropbox with the pictures on your Android or iOS smartphone and automatically backed up new pictures as you snapped them. Continue reading

Google Glass Basecamps Look to Close US and London, Yet You’ll Never Ever Suspect the Reason Why !

basecampGoogle seems shutting all Google Glass Basecamp stores, it’s said.

9 to 5 Google just recently spotted a post on Google+ from Spencer Kleyweg, a Google Glass developer, which pointed out that Google was no longer accepting scheduled appointments for Glass support at Google Basecamps.

The concluded that the physical retail stores – which are mostly used for showcasing trials, technical support, and also one-to-one appointments for Glass across the United States and in the UK – are doomed. Continue reading

Google is Giving 1TB of Cost-Free Google Drive Space to Brand-New Chromebook Buyers !

ChromebookThe holiday purchasing period has actually officially arrived; therefore Google has actually announced an awesome deal that’s unique to new Chromebook buyers.

In an attempt to snag your interest this Christmas, Google has come up with a deal that’ll encourage you to spend your money on a new Chromebook as opposed to an HP stream or something like that. Beginning today, with the purchase of a brand-new Chromebook, you’ll acquire 1TB of Google Drive storage space for 2 years at no expense. That’s a $240 value. Continue reading

Facebook’s New Application is Just for Facebook Group: Below’s Exactly How it Works !

Facebook-groups-iconIt’s clear by now that Facebook wants to own and also operate a family of applications. It has obtained popular applications like WhatsApp & Instagram, constructed duplicate applications like Slingshot, attempted to release new experiences like Rooms and Paper and even made Facebook features, such as Messenger, right into standalone applications.

While many of these apps look good and have potential, some of them, including Poke & Cam, never quite made an impact and also were at some point yanked. Facebook isn’t giving up though. In fact, the company has released yet another new app. And also this time around around it’s based on an feature: Facebook Groups.What is Facebook Groups, the Facebook feature? Continue reading

Twitter Makes Every Public Tweet Searchable !

twitterRemember your 1st tweet? Neither do I, yet it was possibly something along the lines of ‘First Tweet,’ or an equally terrible 1st impression. Twitter has actually been working with a method to permit you sift through every 140-character message sent publicly over its social media network & now short e full backlog of short messages is ready for your inquiries. To make this possible, the company had to scale its tools – like the real-time index – during a multi-year project, accommodating not only the alreadying existing library, yet properly sorting the billions added each week. Of course, this is a gold mine for businesses, sports teams and also others that wish to see what audiences were discussing at any given time. Continue reading

WhatsApp Brings End-to-End Encryption to its Android Application !

WhatsappWhatsApp Android users won’t even have to lift a finger to take advantage of the strongest encryption but for a significant mobile messaging client. The application’s most recent Android upgrade will include strong end-to-end encryption by default, meanings that your messages are simply visible to you and the person you’re chatting with, The Verge reports. Most significantly, the company won’t be able to decrypt messages by itself, also if they obtain demands from law enforcement. It’s a step above the conversation file encryption FacebookGoogle offer, which they can perhaps decrypt. WhatsApp tapped Open Whisper Systems, developer of the safe called app Signal & TextSecure, to implement the file encryption. Continue reading

Facebook Will certainly Filter Out Excessively Promotional Page Posts in 2015 !

facebookFacebook is fortunately taking more steps to show fewer spammy posts on your News Feed – & we’re not talking about traditional web advertisements. We’re talking about overly promotional status updates posted by page accounts, like the ones you can see after the break. The social media network promised to bury “like-bait” posts (of the “1 Like = 1 Prayer” type) underneath even more relevant content earlier this year, & now it’s doing the very same thing to Page statuses that drop under any of these criteria. Continue reading

A Kindle Software Upgrade Permits You Shares E-books With Your Family !

Amazon Kindle Paper WhiteAmazon started pushing an over-the-air update to certain Kindle e-readers on Friday, which means that the new e-reading features Amazon promoted when launching its Kindle Voyage will quickly be available for older Kindles also, as promised.

The New Features Include:

  • Family Library, which gives people with Amazon accounts, linked to family members the capability to read books a family member has previously downloaded.
  • Word Wise, a feature that makes definitions for hard words automatically turn up over them, so readers don’t need to stop to look up a term. Continue reading

Google Play Music Subscribers Get Access to YouTube Music Key !

YouTube Music KeyWhen Google announced its new songs subscription service, YouTube Music Key, it mentioned that clients would certainly additionally get access to Google Play Music’s streaming service. Well, it appears like as if it’ll work the other method, also- Google has actually started sending notes to Google Play Music All Access subscribers that they’ll obtain access to YouTube Music Key, and also during the beta period to boot. It’s unclear whether Google Play Music subscribers will acquire a crack at the introductory $7.99 price or if they’ll still pay the $9.99 that Google Play Music charges each month. If you’re not during that boat and desire an invite to YouTube Music Key, you can register here.

Google Wallet is Closing Shop on Digital Items !

Google WalletJust as Apple is dispersing its wings right into the online & mobile repayments markets, Google seems to pulling back from it. Google has actually posted notification on the Wallet developer site that it is closing down the API powering digital goods purchase on internet and mobile web sites.

Do not worry- Google Wallet is right here to stay. You could still make in-store purchases, and you could use your Wallet credentials to buy applications, content and also goods from Google Play & make in-app purchases in Android applications. But the 3rd-party payment handling feature that allows online merchants to permit you acquire their wares with your Google Wallet will disappear on March 2. Continue reading