Want to Know Who Reads Your Tweets? Twitter’s Analytics Dashboard Reveals All!

logTwitter no more longer just favors validated customers: beginning today, any person can track tweets.

Twitter presented an analytics feature last month, but it limited the feature to anybody with a blue check on their profile. But now the business has opened up the feature to everybody. In other words, if you would like to know exactly how your tweets are performing, merely have a look at the brand-new Activity Dashboard. Continue reading

Seagate Launches World’s First 8TB Hard Disk!

8tbThe first 8TB hard drives around were sent to early-bird buyers today, data storage space company Seagate confirmed. The drives have the largest storage area of any kind of single hard-disk drive on the marketplace.

The demand for a much more reliable hard drive corresponds with the rising amount of data being developed, shared and also saved. The target of the 8TB drive is to supply these needs while also keeping customer expenses low. Continue reading

HTC is Teasing a High-Powered 8-Core, 64-Bit Handset for China!

htcExpecting 64-bit smartphones, yet not offered on Sprint’s incoming spending plan handset? HTC has an additional phone for you – an unnamed device that it asserts will be the very first 8-core 64-bit smartphone on the market. HTC teased the smartphone on its Weibo web page, showing a mock-up of the device’s corner featuring a camera, some proximity sensors and also a metallic-looking blue outline. The octa-core processor most likely indicates this is a mid to high-end devices (Unlike The Version Outed for Sprint), probably with a Qualcomm-sourced processor like the Snapdragon 615.

Google’s Voice Search Application For Android Now Understands 5 Languages At Once!

googleGoogle’s voice search performance is useful for lots of people, specifically considering the greater than 50 languages and dialects it supports. According to the search giant, more than half the world’s population talks 2 or more different languages, and now it is including brand-new functionality to additionally accommodate multilingual people

With the Google search app for Android, users could now search in multiple languages immediately without having to dig with the settings menu to flip back and forward manually. Continue reading

Google Glass Update Brings Access to All Your Phone Contacts!

google glassGoogle Glass is acquiring a great deal better today, as a firmware upgrade brings in some required features to the heads-up wearable.  A new way to access and communicate with your contacts is incoming, however that’s not all. You can now access your entire contacts list, and also keep an extended number helpful for when you should get hold of them quickly. Making use of Google Contacts as a backbone, you can now obtain access to your entire list via Glass. Previously, just ten contacts were reachable via Glass. Why they are just now using Google Contacts – we can not say. Continue reading

Twitter and Stripe Could Launch ‘BUY’ Button This Year, So You Can Shop From Tweets!

Twitter-shoppingTwitter has been working with Stripe to kick off an eCommerce effort, it’s claimed. Since Twitter is a public company, it needs to boost revenue and  keep shareholders happy. That said, ever since last winter season, reports have actually asserted the company is thinking of tackling eCommerce. A lot more specifically, Twitter wants to allow users purchase products straight from tweets.

Twitter was obviously near authorizing a manage payments Start-up Stripe in January. It now shows up a deal in between the two firms has actually ultimately been struck, base ding on tech information blog Recode. Continue reading

Snapchat May Introduce A Feature for Disappearing News!

Snap ChatSnapchat is eye-catching since people can share pictures and also video that fade away within secs. I use it daily – it’s a fun and silly means to connect with family and friends. But the platform may grow up a little as it progresses into a source for news.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Snapchat has actually been holding conversations with media companies and advertisers about a new service called ‘Snapchat Discovery’. The service would basically show newsy material, together with ads and also marketing materials. Continue reading

Skype Cuts Back Chat Notifications to Just The Device You’re Using, Rather Than All of Them!

SkypeSkype does not wish to bother you with a lot of notifications throughout a variety of devices, so it has actually announced a new feature that limits chat notifications to the one device you’re currently making use of.

The new feature is called ‘Active Endpoint‘. And also beginning today, when are signed into Skype on several devices and sending chat messages to friends, Skype will only send out new message notifications to the device you’re making use of (as opposed to each you own). That indicates if you have Skype open on both your laptop pc and phone, yet are truly only using Skype your phone at the moment, chat notifications will ultimately appear on simply your phone as well as nowhere else. Continue reading

Google Brings Android 360-Degree Photo App is Now Available to iPhone!

shhereGoogle has just added a great new application for iOS users to download that will certainly allow you take great panoramic 360-degree images or even publish them on Google Maps too. The brand-new Photo Sphere Camera application gives iPhone users the very same awesome panoramic video clip feature that Google first brought to Android phones back in 2012.  Continue reading

Amazon First Fire Phone Software Update Adds Multitasking, App Folders, And More!

Amazon-Fire-PhoneAmazon announced the Fire Phone precisely two months ago today, and to celebrate, the retail titan has actually granted the device with its first update.

The new update includes a little selection of improvements, such as improved battery life and a Lenticular photos update that lets you utilize 11 images rather than 3, however the most notable changes drastically influence how you browse Fire OS on the Fire Phone. Continue reading