Healthcare Gizmo vs Entertainment Guru!

The only common interest these two phones share is the design of the camera. Samsung Galaxy S5 has HDR(Rich tone) effect that creates greater range of luminosity. The pictures taken are simply more vivid and intensified. With this depth, the length of shooting is nevertheless condensed, Fast Auto Focus is what will happen when what is happening. To compete this, HTC ONE M8 has its rival feature of UFocus, which takes pride of its cunning in bringing blurry objects into focus before or even after the shoot. The complete panorams view your entire world 180° x 360° with simple tilt controls and leveling line. Both phones are also providing default App storage and link with Google Play, among others, to reinforce your think tank. Continue reading

Google Steps up Android Security with Regular Malware Scans!

AndroidBack at the tail end of February we heard about an enhancement Google was dealing with to the way Android helps protect  users against malicious software software, building off the existing Verify Application framework that assessed applications at the time of installment to present a system that consistently kept track of applications to inspect for ne’er-do-wells, even after the software was already packed on your phone. Recently Google confirms that report and reveals the introduction of this recently boosted scanning service.

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Voice Calls Could be Right Around the Corner for WhatsApp Users!

whatsAppWhatsApp’s voice call feature might be even closer compared to you think, with some new hints suggesting that we’ll be able to make in-app calls very soon.

WPCentral was tipped off by volunteers which translate Hindi languages, verifying that they would certainly gotten brand-new translation requests that mean the new feature.

Three brand-new strings - Hang up, Incoming call and Outgoing call– are, we’d say, pretty apparent clues that WhatsApp is settling voice calling. Continue reading

Quickly, Google Wireless Network For Your Mobile!

Google WiFiNew York, Not happy with the present network providers to your smart phone? You may soon obtain a far better alternative – Google!

After providing the world’s most popular phone software and offering one of the fastest broadband speeds in the United States, Google is now intending to become your mobile network operator. Baseding on reports in the United States media, Google has plans for its very own wireless network that consumers could possibly use to make calls, send texts and search the internet on their mobiles. Continue reading

Facebook Buys Oculus VR – The Virtual Reality Gaming Firm

FB vs OCFacebook : Virtual Game for Thrones! is a social networking website to connect friends, family, and business associates. It is the largest of the networking sites beginning as a college networking website and has now expanded to worldwide scope.

Following Facebook’s acquisition spree of Instagram and WhatsApp, now it’s buying Oculus VR, the maker of a virtual reality headset, to compete effectively in the social media spectrum against companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft. Continue reading

Google Reportedly Requiring ‘Powered by Android’ Marketing on Boot Display!

Powerd By Android2When Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was unveiled in February, one interested addition detected by Android Central was a large “powered by Android” emblem on the phone’s splash screen. Some guessed it was the result of rumored talks in between the leading Android manufacturer and Google. Now it appears a much bigger strategy might be in play. Baseding on Geek, Google is calling for all Android makers that include its services (Gmail, Google Maps, etc.) on a gadget to prominently show the exact same “powered by” Stamp. Continue reading

Flappy Bird is Returning, Says Creator Dong Nguyen!

Flappy_BirdDong Nguyen, developer of the of once-hit video game Flappy Bird, confirmed in a tweet the video game will certainly be returning, “yet not quickly”. The news is sure to have Flappy Birds followers delighted, no longerhaving to rely upon bad options to obtain their Flappy Bird fix.

Flappy Bird had actually gotten to the top charts on iTunes and Google Play, till Nguyen took it off in February. He really did not provide way too many specifics on why he took it off, just tweeting at the time: “I could not take this any longer” which taking out the game is “not anything pertaining to legal problems”. Continue reading

Microsoft and Google Aren’t Satisfied With Mutant Android-Windows Hybrids!

MicrosoftGoogleMicrosoft may be comfy with Windows Phone and Android splitting time on a solitary phone, however when it involves Computers, fuhgeddaboutit. Google likewise isn’t too delighted with the idea of Frankenstein Android-Windows computer systems, and at the very least one PC producer could need to dispose the hybrid gadgets from their lineup consequently.

Asus, makers of the Transformer AiO P1801 and P1802, is apparently being compelled to place the kibosh on its year-old all-in-one-slash-tablet PCs. Just what’s more, the expected Transformer Book Duet TD300 shown off at CES in January is also headed for the dump, according to The Exchange Journal. Continue reading

Microsoft Will Launch a New Version of Office For Mac This Year!

office-for-macA new version of Office for Mac will certainly launch this year, for the very first time because 2011, baseding on the company’s manager for Office products in Germany.

Workplace for Mac provides a delightfully choice to individuals who do not like Apple’s iWork software application on the Mac, and want to subscribe to Microsoft’s Office 365 program as an alternative.

Microsoft’s Thorsten Hubschen validated the software application, presumably called Office for Mac 2014, will certainly be disclosed in the second quarter of this year, reports Computerwoche. Continue reading

Microsoft OneDrive Application Lands for BlackBerry 10 Gadgets!

OneDriveMicrosoft’s cloud storage space service has ultimately made its way to BlackBerry through an application called Connect to Microsoft OneDrive.

Microsoft announced earlier this year it is relabeling Sky Drive, its cloud storage space service, to OneDrive, adhering to a claim in the UK from media business BSkyB. Since the rebranding adjustments have finally shown up, along with some amazing brand-new features, Microsoft has actually given BlackBerry 10 gain access to. Continue reading