Google Play Music – Now Store 50,000 Songs in the Cloud to Stream Anywhere, Totally Free !

google_play_musicGoogle Play Music has extended its cloud storage space offerings from 20,000 songs to a massive 50,000 tracks.

For those that wish to keep their owned songs files but also like to stream, as opposed to carry the files on their device, Google Play Music is ideal. It enables an person to upload music to their account which then could be streamed to any type of device that has the application device , anywhere, totally free. If you’re currently using iTunes and also are considering making the switch, Google has actually made it very easy. An iTunes account could be linked to a Google Play Music account so all the music saved there can be kept in the cloud for streamed access to anywhere. Continue reading

Google Play Music Subscribers Get Access to YouTube Music Key !

YouTube Music KeyWhen Google announced its new songs subscription service, YouTube Music Key, it mentioned that clients would certainly additionally get access to Google Play Music’s streaming service. Well, it appears like as if it’ll work the other method, also- Google has actually started sending notes to Google Play Music All Access subscribers that they’ll obtain access to YouTube Music Key, and also during the beta period to boot. It’s unclear whether Google Play Music subscribers will acquire a crack at the introductory $7.99 price or if they’ll still pay the $9.99 that Google Play Music charges each month. If you’re not during that boat and desire an invite to YouTube Music Key, you can register here.

Apple is Closing Down Beats Music … or, Wait, Maybe it isn’t..!

Beats MusicIt’s important to remember that rumour reports are in fact just rumours. And the latest example involves a story about Apple allegedly preparing to shut down the Beats Music streaming service along with the Beats Songs brand name.

TechCrunch has said, baseding on 5 prominent-yet-unnamed employees at both Apple and also Beats, that is Apple is starting to pull the plug on Beats Music by moving engineers for the streaming service over to iTunes and various other projects. The company is even dealing with terminating the Beats Music brand , just a few months after obtaining Beats Electronics for $3 billion. Continue reading – Your New Online Music Companion!

JstplayFor all those who are not aware, jstplay is a free service music website allowing its users to play any music without too many registrations and sign-ups. Once the user creates his/her account on the website, all that is required to do is copying and pasting all the songs that the user wants to listen to in the textbox provided on the website. Once the user has entered all songs in the textbox, he only has to hit the play icon. Continue reading

Tracqlist – Index Your Music World Now!

Tracqlist LogoHow many of you are Bollywood and Hollywood freaks here? Well, almost all across India and in many other parts of the world, people love to hear Bollywood as well as Hollywood. For all those music fanatics, Tracqlist offers the widest range of music collection. It is your musical database that offers you the biggest range of music collection from YouTube, and a number of other music providers. Continue reading

Musicfellas: A Music Discovery Podium!

Musicfellas LogoHow often you search for some newest vocals? People often get bored listening to the same voices again and again and they need variations. Musicfellas is one of the music discovery platforms where you can explore, discuss and purchase music which you like. It is a hub for all music lovers which help in discovering new music talents who have given us the best music of all times. Through his site, you can easily discover new talent of the music world in collaboration with your friends. Continue reading

BuenosAiresMusic: Complete Guide to Finding Live Music

BuenosAiresMusicBuenosAiresMusic is a clear, informative website that aims to be the one- stop spot for music lovers in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jesse Rosenfield, founder of this site, wants to give artists, musicians, and teachers a way to showcase and promote their events in a way that would be highly visible to anyone.

When you enter the BuenosAiresMusic homepage, you get to see a big slideshow of upcoming events. And when you click on the little dots on the lower right hand corner, you can scroll through events by twos. These are the hotspots of the site, and this is where you want your band to be. Continue reading

In2ne: Musicians Get Tools To Begin Performing Live



In2ne is a social network, a gig booking system and a live music resource all in one. It is ideal for musicians, venue owners, booking agents and promoters because it has many features that help them in getting the job done.

This is a community of musicians, music venues, promoters and booking agents. Joining the service put you in touch with the rest of the live music community. That in itself can provide you much benefits through exchange of ideas. Continue reading

Sworly: Listen, Like, Share, Explore Music For Free



Sworly is a place where you can discover music, listen to it and share it. The service makes it easy for you to listen to your favourite numbers and share it with your friends and family.

If you are a music lover, you are always in search of great numbers that touch your heart. Sworly has an easy-to-use interface with the pictures of the albums and songs of the songs you love. You can share the songs and/or like them. Playing a song cannot be easier. You only need to click on the song and a new window will appear (without leaving the page you are on). You can see the video of the song and listen to it. Continue reading