Filmlounge: Watch Great Movies For Free



Filmlounge is a movie downloads website where you can watch movies online for as little as £1.99.

If you want to avoid the mainstream Hollywood movies and watch something different, movies that have made a difference in people’s lives, you have come to the right place. Filmlounge has thousands of movies that are neatly organized into genres such as horror, comedy, classic, family, martial arts, thrillers, war, adult and more.

If you are a movie buff and spend hours looking around the web for the perfect movie, Filmlounge will make your searching easy. Continue reading

Discover upcoming movies first on Moviepilot



Moviepilot is a must-visit website for movie buffs. It is a home for upcoming movies. Here, you can trace the evolution of a movie from the start to the finish. Catch all the gossip, all the behind-the-scenes information, talks and more at Moviepilot.

With Moviepilot you can engage with your favourite upcoming project way before it hits the big screen. By upcoming, they mean a movie in production or even in pre-production. You can comment, vote, shared and interact with fellow fans.

The service is especially beneficial for anybody related to the movie industry. You can get to know the inside information about Continue reading

WhatsNextUp: Find Personalized Entertainment at a Single Website



WhatsNextUp is a great place to find all kinds of entertainment- music, movies, T.V. episodes, games, sports or books.

When we want to relax a bit after hard work, we look for something entertaining to do or watch. Although there are a score of things you could do, like watch television or play a game, sometimes we just cannot find the perfect entertainment according to your mood at the moment. WhatsNextUp is a service that can solve this problem because here you will find personalized entertainment that is suited to your taste. Continue reading

Watchily: Find Your Favorite Movie or TV Show in Just a Click



Watching movies can be easily accessed by the advent of movie services on the web. You can choose from a wide- range of services such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Redbox, and Hulu. Then again, with so many options thrown at us, it makes everything more perplex than it is supposed to be. Which option is better? Does the service have the movie that I want to watch? Is it in my budget? All these complexities may be simplified by Watchily. Essentially, this service allows you to search for movies and TV shows on the above services. Continue reading

Inveni – Discover New Movies And TV Shows Based On Your Taste

Inveni logoInveni is a new discovery website for movies and TV shows. Inveni will let you create your universal taste profile based on your recommendations. Inveni‘s intelligent recommendation engine counts user ratings and recommendations as well as friends recommendations and behavior.

The process is really simple and smooth, by following few steps you can jump into your taste profile. During the sign up process, Inveni will ask you to import your existing ratings from your Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, Flixster, IMDB, Fandago, Best Buy, Criticker and Movie Web accounts. This helps Inveni‘s recommendation engine to refine and personalize your taste profile. You can also save your preferred genres to fine tune your tastes.

Each title has it’s own page, where user can comment, rate or recommend the movie also vote for similar titles. If the title is available on Netflix, a watch button will let you watch the title on Netflix. It will also let you buy the title from Amazon or rent it from Netflix.

Invenii provides a Firefox plug-in to the user which keeps them connected and updated with Inveni their profile and friends. It is also developing a native iPhone/iPad application which is currently in alpha testing stage.