Mobile – Online Mobile Website Builder Application

Mobile is the fasted growing application development platform at this moment with millions of active smart mobile devices worldwide connected to the high speed Internet. Its a huge market and your competitors are probably on their way to this platform. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website or app for your business now its time to have one before its too late., a simplified mobile website builder tool, is here to aid you in this entire process. And to do this you need no previous experience or coding knowledge, yea, Its that simple.

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Windows Phone 8.1 – Performance Leader!

windows8.1The extra two reasons Windows Phone 8.1 boasts this new release over 8.0, maybe its Cortana and word flow keyboard, both to make things happen fast, and faster.

Cortana is named as a “Personal Assistant”, which actually is a search engine working based on voice recognition. The Bing is powered behind the screen. By collecting your personal information, preference, life pattern etc., over time, Cortana starts to build a personalized idea tank attempting to present you with an elevation of options that are originated from your own preference, and optimized by social behavior pattern with the “possible”, to be as truthful, aid of modern technology.
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Yota’s Most Recent E Ink Smartphone Takes A Fantastic Idea and Makes it Rather!

YotaYotaPhone is an Android smartphone with a regular touchscreen on one side and an E Ink display on the other. It’s been around for well over a year now, and in our time with previous prototypes we have actually been impressed with its property, otherwise Yota Instruments’ execution. At MWC this year, the Russian carrier-turned-manufacturer is showing off an all-new model it believes resolves several of the original version’s flaws.

Its E Ink show is also massively enhanced; it’s bigger, has smaller bezels, higher pixel thickness (up from 170ppi to 235ppi), and is much much more integrated into the general design. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 5 – A Smartphone With Clean, Crisp And Bright Screen!

APPLE IPHONE 5 IMAGEPeople had a lot of expectations from Apple iPhone 5 and with its launch all those expectations were fulfilled. This smartphone is extremely light weighed with a weight of 112 grams which is 20 percent lighter as compared to the predecessor iPhone 4s. The chassis of this phone appears to be designed for strength due to which it gives a solid feel. There is a change in the height as well; this iPhone is 123.8 mm tall that is well suited for a large screen of 4 inches. Continue reading

HTC Desire C – The Last Low End Devices From HTC!

HTC DESIRE CThe launch of HTC Desire C may be considered as the end of an era for low end handsets from the Taiwanese firm  as  it has decide that cheap phones won’t be manufactured in the coming times. This is a cheap; rather I would say an economic smartphone as in case of this phone you get what you pay for. This smartphone has a very nice rounded and compact form which is made mostly of plastic. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One comparison – Which one is better?

Samsung Galaxy S4Before the Google editions of smartphones such as HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 were released, the customers were confused regarding which one of these two should be purchased. Both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC one have the same operating system i.e. the Google android. Both the smartphones have been manufactured by the leading smartphone manufacturing companies. Continue reading

Nokia EOS PureView 41MP – A Preview Of The Nokia Lumia Pureview

Nokia EOS 41MPOne of the most popular Finland based communications company Nokia is all ready to launch a long awaited 41 megapixel smartphone with the name of Nokia EOS Pure view 41 MP. This smartphone will be unveiled by Nokia on July 11 2013 at an event named “Zoom Reinvented”. Well, this smartphone is going to work on a marvelous speed as a quad core processor that has the capacity to run at 1.2GHz is installed in this phone. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Full Smartphone Specifications

Samsung Galaxy s4The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung Electronics. It was announced in New York City on March 14, 2013 as the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S III. The phone has many distinguishing software features such as Air Gesture, Smart Stay, and Smart Scroll; a 13-megapixel back camera, and a 5-inch (130 mm) 1080p display. It is the first TCO certified smartphone. The S4 has two major variants, one featuring a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 and the other featuring an Samsung Exynos 5 Octa. Continue reading

Viddy: Mobile App For Video Clips

ViddyViddy is a mobile app for editing, improving, and sharing video clips. It’s often compared to Instagram because it allows you to add special effects with just a click. This app has two ways of enhancing your videos, namely special visual effects, and with music.

So basically, Viddy is Instagram- like video app. And although it’s about capturing great videos, what it really does best is its own social network, also similar to Instagram. Like the said app, Viddy’s user interface has a quite few similarities with it. Continue reading

Survey Anyplace: Survey Tool Designed For Mobile

Survey AnyplaceSurvey Anyplace provide an easy go- anywhere tool for customizable surveys. When you use this service, you can make your own survey in no time, thus discovering what your customer think and how they feel about your products or services. It’s also very convenient since it invites people right away and increases your response rates by 70% compared to email surveys.

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