Guest Post – The Future of Civil Service — How Can Government Agencies Attract Young IT Workers?

CivilScienceGovernment agencies at all levels are facing a shortage of IT workers. State, local and federal government agencies will soon see a mass retirement of baby boomers, and they may not be able to recruit enough younger IT workers to fill the ranks. Employers in the public sector just can’t match the higher salaries and flexibility young workers are getting from private sector employers. Continue reading – Your Global Hiring Network!

Staff LogoOften we see a mismatch of the employers and employees. The bosses don’t get the right staff while the employees don’t receive the right boss. What could be done in that case? Well, is an online platform for full time as well as part time telecommuting job positions. It is a global hiring platform for employees for remote jobs. Continue reading

Careerbliss: Get a Happy Career For You!

Careerbliss logoEverybody desires to choose a perfect career for himself, a career which fulfills his aims and provides him with a great job satisfaction. Careerbliss helps you get career happiness and renders you with the best career job details which make you happy. It helps you with the wide diversity of a career field such as search for the best jobs, the best companies, the most recent tips and trends of the job world, reviews on various jobs and companies, the salaries which the various job posts are earning and a deep study of career finder.

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Poachee: Job Portal for Passive Job Seekers

PoacheeMost people hate a thing or two about their job. Some just hate it completely. That is not good for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, it is really tough to drag yourself to work every day when you hate it. Secondly, it is it really isn’t good to broadcast the fact that you hate your job all over the Internet

A startup called Poachee allows anyone to anonymously express their desire for a change in their career. It acts as an agent between recruiters or headhunters and suitable candidates that are currently employed elsewhere. Continue reading

ShinyNeedle: A Hand for Both Employers and Candidates



Filling an open job slot is not exactly a walk in the park. Resumes are tweaked to make an applicant look good as possible. And needless to say, finding a job is not easy either. That is why ShinyNeedle is here to help. It basically helps employers find only the best people more quickly by posting certain challenges for job seekers to solve. Similarly, job seekers will be able to prove themselves through the challenges and stand out from the crowd.

Job seekers can register and look for jobs completely free of charge while running a listing for a month starts at the cost of $75. Continue reading

Jackalope Jobs: Increase Your Chances of a Job Search Success

Jackalope Jobs

Jackalope Jobs

If you’re looking for employment, Jackalope Jobs might be very helpful for you. This service is a platform for the job seeker that let you search for relevant jobs, reach out to relevant connections, and stay organized. It is more than a job board or a social network.

Unlike similar services, Jackalope Jobs mainly focuses on the job seekers rather than the employers, advertisers, or recruiters. It is basically your helping hand to find job in a difficult market. Continue reading

JoynIn: Get Rewarded For Meeting New People



JoynIn is a mission that rewards people for empowering their employees, businesses and customers and enjoy the rich experiences and economic value from their relationships.

JoynIn believes that relationships are important, even if they are because of economic reasons. That is why they consider the relationships between employees and their customers, employers and employees, businesses and their customers, and of course relationship between friends important. Therefore, they have created a platform where you can connect with people in a unique way. Continue reading

Bitrix24: Facebook like App for Work



Bitrix24 is a Facebook- like application that is purposely designed for work. It is basically just like Facebook, the only difference is that it is aimed for businesses. Its basic premise and its sole purpose is to provide a communication characterized with ease, and it is without a doubt a very significant factor for businesses to survive and thrive.

With this app, members of a company can stay in touch with each other in a more convenient, fun, and engaging way. Continue reading

ResumUP: Get Visual Profile In A Single Click



ResumUp is a service that offers you cutting edge online recruiting solutions. It fills the gap between visualization technologies, network recruitment approaches, professional social networks and job search sites.

It provides you resume visualization based on the analysis of your Facebook profile. With the added advantage of psycho-social profile, your visual resume will have education, work and experience based on your existing Facebook account in a single click.

With ResumUp, you can plan your career and job searching into a straightforward and visually appealing process that is fun, simple and easy. Continue reading

FastCandidate: Complete Hiring Solutions For Managers



FastCandidate is a service that offers the easiest hiring solutions to busy managers. It provides you many useful tools that are designed to simplify the process of hiring.

Through FastCandidate, you can hire the right employee for the position you are filling easily. You can create smarter interviews and get to know the real personality and skills of a candidate. FastCandidate has a collection of open-ended questions under various categories that do the trick. You can use them or set up your own. You can also time the interviews. Continue reading