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BugHerd: Issue Tracker Designed for Web Developers!

BugHerd logo roundHow many times have you faced the problem of managing your web development issues and reporting them? Surely it is the most lengthy and cumbersome process of all times. But, now you don’t have track and manage issues anymore. All you need to do is focus on the solutions. BugHerd has been designed to manage the issues related to web development. It inserts a sidebar on the webpage on which you are working, allowing you to view and manage the different jobs without any need to continuously switch tabs.

It helps you to see exactly the same content which your client is seeing. Continue reading

Bushido Ticket: Simplified Approach On Issue Tracking

Bushido TicketProgrammers may run into some problems while developing software, whether it is during or after it has been made. You may have created a web application that is incapable of connecting to a certain social network. As a competent developer, you surely want that to be reported by the users so that your team can react to the issue. Now, Bushido Tickets can offer you this service.

Bushido Tickets is an easy- to- use web service that currently in its beta stage and free to use. Continue reading

Gonnasphere: Share Your To-Dos With Your Friends & Followers



Gonnasphere is an application that allows you to organize your to-dos and follow others. This productivity tool lets you tell your friends about the things that you plan to do. Your friends and then converse with you on that topic and provide you with encouragement. You can also help them with their stuff.

Apart from that, Gonnasphere also allows you to see the most popular to-dos in the city. Most people love to get along with somebody to try something new; therefore, Gonnasphere allows its users the opportunity to find to-dos that many people love. That means there are more chances of your loving it too. Continue reading

Ragic: Cloud Colloboration Tool For Everybody



Ragic helps you in letting your software fit you. It offers you super flexible CRM system, HR system, sales system, support system and DB applications. It’s tag-line ‘Don’t change to fit your software, let your software fit you’, sounds tempting.

On Ragic, you can easily find and install an application. You can browse their library for an application that is closest to your need. If you cannot find an app that you need, you can always make modifications on the one that is closest to your need.

Unlike the table-based approach, Ragic users are not required to create tables, relations, views or write any SQL. They only need to create the form for their users to fill in like they would in a spreadsheet. Continue reading

Snowy- Evening: The Simplest and The Strongest Issue Tracker

Snowy- Evening

Snowy- Evening

Bringing your clients and community together isn’t exactly an easy task to take. That’s why Snowy- evening lets you do the job quite simply. It is beautifully designed with trouble- free GitHub jsFiddle integration. Snowy is so smart that it can handle the details of managing and finding issues. You can simply use the API to keep track of all your errors of your apps.

The interface of Snowy is simple, clean, and well laid- out. Not only that, it is also very nice to look at. Aside from the beautiful interface, the project navigation is also very easy to use that you can actually jump between projects with just a few clicks, no matter where in the app you are. And in your overview, a summary of every open project you’re involved with will be given, and every statistic is a link to a pre-made filter. Continue reading