Microsoft Office Lens Scanner Application Arrives for Apple iPhone & Android Phones.

Office-LensOne year after launching the Office Lens application for Windows Phone, Microsoft has actually launched new versions of its pocket scanner app for apple iPhone and Android phones.

Office Lens allows you take pictures of notes, receipts, business cards, documents, sticky notes, or whatever else you desire, and it even more allows you crop & improve those scanned pictures in addition to save them to other Microsoft applications like OneNote and OneDrive. With the OneNote application, you can access and also modify your scanned photos from all your devices. Continue reading

Blleep – Organize Events Spontaneously With Friends Nearby



With tons of web and mobile apps solely dedicated to events creation, we are still unhappy how we interact with with the events because of maintaining long invitees list, hassle in communicating with the participants, coping with time schedules etc. Blleep is here to provide a very specific but casual solution to this particular problem, specially for your social events.

Blleep lets you quickly look up the number of friends in around the location and organize events with one click. Using a distinguished event creation mechanism, it protects your privacy while still ensuring your capability to create events when you’re on the move. Continue reading

Apple’s CarPlay Puts iOS on Your Dash!

IOSAs was reported on Friday, Apple is today lastly ready to release a new iPhone combination configuration for car infotainment devices. CarPlay is built mostly around the use of Siri voice commands and prompts, offering an “eyes-free” encounter where you can respond to incoming telephone calls, determine content messages, or accessibility your songs collection.

The initial automobiles to support CarPlay will debut at the Geneva Motor Program this week, originating from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. Continue reading

Differences Between Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 5C!

compare_iphone5ccompare_iphone5sApple is known as an electronic device manufacturer that changes existing trends of the industry especially through its innovative approach to the market. Apple has not looked back after having released an exclusive series of mobile phones to the market since the birth of Apple iPhone 1st Generation. The latest member of the iPhone family is Apple iPhone 5C and here we thought that this is the ideal time to discuss about the differences between Apple’s latest version iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. Continue reading

Stay In The Know- iPhone Monitoring Software Is All What It Takes!

stealthgenie iphone monitoringWith an iPhone monitoring app you get the ability to take a look at everything that happens on the device. This would include iMessages, WhatsApp, photos, and a lot of other things that would give you a considerable amount of information.

Why Use Such Apps?

One would be pretty curious to know why anyone would need such an app. In this era where everything is moving at the rate of knots, you need to be extra smart to ensure what your super-smart kids are up to at all times. Continue reading

Top 10 iPhone Applications in 2013

If there is a digital device in the world that allows you to feel the passion, enjoy the excitement, smell the beauty and to make decency a part of your life; all at once, it is none other than the Apple iOS running Apple iPhone that has this special ability. Emerging as a perfect digital assistant to match the needs of your routine, iPhone has globally become the premier mobile phone that satisfies the requirements of the customer in the most effective way while giving you a unique experience at the work. With the popularity of the iPhone is on its peak at the moment, it is important that we find out the best Apple iPhone apps in the year 2013. Here is a list of 10 Apple iPhone applications that could possibly be the best of the lot for the year 2013. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 5 – A Smartphone With Clean, Crisp And Bright Screen!

APPLE IPHONE 5 IMAGEPeople had a lot of expectations from Apple iPhone 5 and with its launch all those expectations were fulfilled. This smartphone is extremely light weighed with a weight of 112 grams which is 20 percent lighter as compared to the predecessor iPhone 4s. The chassis of this phone appears to be designed for strength due to which it gives a solid feel. There is a change in the height as well; this iPhone is 123.8 mm tall that is well suited for a large screen of 4 inches. Continue reading

Socialite: Stay in Touch With Your Friends!

Socialite LogoInternet navigation through all your social networks is sometimes quite chaotic and time consuming. As a one stop shop, Socialite collects recent feeds from all your favorite social networks which you own and can help you ease your social networking life. The app is available on the iPhone App Store for free. With easy installation and great user interface, the app is truly great for all social networking people. Continue reading

SellMyApp: Marketing Help For Buyers & Sellers Of Apps



SellMyApp is an iPhone, android and other smartphone application marketing service that allows you to promote and market your app.

Through it, you can sell or license the source code of your app. It also allows buyers to get a quick start on mobile development.

Developers spend a lot of time in creating an app, but after it is ready, you do not know how to market it effectively. With SellMyApp, you do not need to wait to get started with marketing. Continue reading

Onswipe: Create Tablet- Friendly Sites



Designing a site for an iPad can be a breeze with a service like Onswipe.com. Onswipe.com is a platform for websites and online publishers to create integrated viewing pages for contents liven up for tablet browsers. Basically, the service allows you to take your content and have it made into something that will really look presentable on an iPad, and practically every tablet available on the market today.

With Onswipe, creating your own page is quite simple. You just have to sign up, add your URL, and then pick from a wide array of layouts available. The selection ad styling of the layout is really amazing. Continue reading