Pebble’s New Smartwatch – The Pebble Steel For $249 Will Ship From January 28, 2014!

steel-silver-front-400-786fdb056101d49721da42b3d5243efaSmartwatch pioneer Pebble is introducing something everyone has been waiting for at CES this year: new hardware. But the hardware isn’t so new that it throws the baby out with the bath water– any software developed for the current Pebble will work with the new one, and vice versa. And there’s something new for everyone, since Pebble is also announcing the launch window for its application store and new parter software. Continue reading

Top 10 iPhone Applications in 2013

If there is a digital device in the world that allows you to feel the passion, enjoy the excitement, smell the beauty and to make decency a part of your life; all at once, it is none other than the Apple iOS running Apple iPhone that has this special ability. Emerging as a perfect digital assistant to match the needs of your routine, iPhone has globally become the premier mobile phone that satisfies the requirements of the customer in the most effective way while giving you a unique experience at the work. With the popularity of the iPhone is on its peak at the moment, it is important that we find out the best Apple iPhone apps in the year 2013. Here is a list of 10 Apple iPhone applications that could possibly be the best of the lot for the year 2013. Continue reading

Sony Xperia J – A Smartphone With Amazing Build Quality!

SONY XPERIA J PHOTOSThe giant corporation Sony is currently launching a series of Xperia models in market in order to satisfy the consumers across world. Well, a recent addition of Xperia J has been done to the present Xperia models in market. Xperia J is a smartphone that has been advertised as Big Screen entertainment by Sony. The Xperia J draws its power from the System on a chip (SOC) named Snapdragon S1 MSM7227A having the clock rate of 1GHz. It has working memory of 512 MB that supports it quite well. Continue reading

HTC One – A Smartphone With Certain Wow Factor!

HTC ONE IMAGELast year the worldwide famous Taiwanese firm launched three mind-blowing phones the One X, the OneX+ and Droid DNA. However, this year whole focus was done on a single device the HTC One. This smartphone has certainly a wow factor in terms of design. As seen according to the hardware design, this phone is unparalleled. The manufactures has devoted a lot of time in machining solid block on aluminum. Continue reading

Google Nexus 7 – A Tablet With Tempting Price!

GOOGLE NEXUS 7 PHOTOSIn order to expand the products and services across the globe Google has recently started selling their long awaited Nexus tablet at the end of March 2013. A few days later, Asus finally announced that the Google Nexus 7 would be available in market in two variants 32 GB and 3G at great emptying prices. The Asus has manufactured this tablet and they have poured a sense of elegance due to which it gives a feel of very well made. Continue reading

Google Chromebook Pixel – A Premium Machine With Premium Point Price!

GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK PIXEL IMAGEThe Chromebooks are available in one form or another since a long time in the market. The devices using Chrome as operating system has not fully won over the consumers, but with the launch of Google Chromebook Pixel, the market trends are definitely going to change. This device hit the US market in February 2013 with a price of $1299. Continue reading

Amazon Kindle Fire8.9 – A Tablet That Can Play 1080p Video At its Native Resolution!

AMAZON KINDLE FIRE8The manufacturers of tablets always keep a close eye on competition prevailing in market and try to be ahead of their competitors. Amazon has recently hit the market with Kindle Fire HD 8.9 which has been manufactured by keeping a close eye on the competitors. The display of 8.9 8inches makes it an easily portable tablet with screen size of a large sized tablet. Continue reading

Apple iPhone 5 – A Smartphone With Clean, Crisp And Bright Screen!

APPLE IPHONE 5 IMAGEPeople had a lot of expectations from Apple iPhone 5 and with its launch all those expectations were fulfilled. This smartphone is extremely light weighed with a weight of 112 grams which is 20 percent lighter as compared to the predecessor iPhone 4s. The chassis of this phone appears to be designed for strength due to which it gives a solid feel. There is a change in the height as well; this iPhone is 123.8 mm tall that is well suited for a large screen of 4 inches. Continue reading

Acer Iconia W3 – Lightest Windows 8 Tablet In Market!

ACER ICONIA W3 LOGOIt is difficult to believe but the first windows 8 tablet having 10 inch screen hit the market only three weeks back.  At present, Acer Iconia W3 is the only option available in market with an 8- inch screen. Moreover, it has windows 8.1 that bring few improvements due to which an e-reader tablet like this becomes easy to use. The W3 looks quite similar to W510 and it seems that the W510 has been cut down to size by two inches. Continue reading

Blackberry Playbook – A Tablet With Highly Efficient And Bulletproof Operating System!

BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK LOGOBlackberry has recently launched a tablet that runs one of the most hardcore and industry friendly operating systems known to man at its core. This tablet has ONX operating system along with BlackBerry Playbook as hardware. This is an enterprise friendly tablet that has been manufactured by Blackberry with a hope to follow the footsteps of Blackberry handsets which are used by a number of corporate executives and Black Berry messenger addicts across the globe. Continue reading