MPOWER Financing : Loans for Domestic and international Student at US Colleges

MPOWER FinancingMPOWER Financing is a college funding for highly- employable domestic & international students at top US campuses who are left out of traditional banking options, to help them to initiate or complete their college degree.

Over 5 million students both domestic or international struggle financially to get into or through college in the US. Up to 15% of students drop out because of financials while others downgrade their education to make ends meet. By partnering with universities, pooling investments from private investors, and applying advanced risk analytic’s to estimate borrowers’ post-graduation earnings, MPOWER provides loans to students left out of traditional financing options. Continue reading

HealthInsuranceQuotes : The Right Health Insurance Quotes for You!

HealthInsuranceQuotes logoOften, a number of times people are more concerned about getting the right quotes for their insurance to avoid severe loss. Getting the quotes online allows you to view these quotes from the comfort of your home. HealthInsuranceQuotes is one of the resources which provide you with error free, quick, free and reasonable health insurance quotes on the Internet. All you need to do is sign up and fill the mandatory details, and you will become a part of this prestigious site.

HealthInsuranceQuotes allows you to compare various and different health insurance quotes as per your preferences, requirements and needs. Continue reading

Fundable: Raise Funding Online

FundableFundable is the first to take advantage of the Jobs Act, also known as the Crowdfunding Bill which allows startup companies to publicly raise money from anyone who wants to back them up. Fundable makes investing a lot more accessible, providing two ways to support companies, that is through rewards or equity.

The rewards earned by Backers range from product pre-orders, unique gifts, to special incentives by the companies’ founders in exchange for pledging capital. If you have larger investments, they can also offer equity in their companies. Continue reading

iGivefirst: Donate Easily With The Press Of A Button



iGivefirst is a platform that provides you a button to easily and securely donate to legitimate and federally registered charities and nonprofits.

This is how you can use iGivefirst to send money to charities. iGivefirst displays buttons on a wide range of popular websites such as online media and bloggers. You only need to click on a button to make a tax-deductible donation to a non-profit.

iGivefirst is a platform that empowers people to donate easily and thus create real change with a simple click of a button. Their mission is to increase charitable donations around the world. Continue reading

Crowdtilt: Raise Funds, Pool Money Online



Crowdtilt is a place where you can pool money with your friends, family etc. for an event, an objective etc online.

It is not possible for people to meet up to contribute for a cause or an event. People live in different cities, and many times in different countries. Creating an online system where they all can contribute for a cause is difficult especially when you are not familiar with web designing and programming. Crowdtilt changes all that. Now anybody can start a campaign where they pool money and power a project. Continue reading

GoChime, a Social Media Marketing Platform, Raises $630K



GoChime is a platform that puts forward relevant offers to people based on their requirements across their social media profiles. Today, the start-up has raised $63,000 from various entrepreneurs and angel investors namely Walter Winshall, Rob Martin, Geoff Entress, Jason Seats and others.

The co-founders of GoChime namely Matt Walters, Josh Emert and Austin Evarts thought of direct marketing for social by studying people’s social media updates. Social media is a medium on which very Continue reading

eRecyclingCorps Raises $35M to Curb E-Waste



eRecyclingCorps, a company that helps carriers and distributors use wireless recycling, has raised $35 million in financing led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

The company, founded in 2009, works with retailers and distributors like Verizon and Sprint to turn e-waste into an asset. It runs incentivized wireless device trade-in and recycling programs that are powered by instant in-store credit solution and online platform. Continue reading

Wellnessfx, Health and Wellness Platform, Raises $4m



WellnessFX is a personalized platform for health and wellness issues. The startup has raised $4 million in Series B funding. Major investment was made by the new investor Javelin Venture Partners with participation from existing investors namely Voyager Capital and Floodgate.

The Principal at Javelin Venture Partners, Alex Gurevich, will join WellnessFX as a board observer while its MD, Jed Katz, will join the board directly. Continue reading

Zink of Ground-Breaking No Cartridge, No Ribbon Colour Printing Raises $35m



ZINK is a revolutionary full-colour printing system that works without ink cartridges or ribbons. The name behind ZINK Technology and ZINK Papers has raised $35 million in Series B funding. The financing round was led by Genii Capital.

On the occasion, the company also announced that former board members namely Mary Jeffries and Ira Prakash will be holding new responsibilities of Chairman and co-CEO, and President and co-CEO respectively. Continue reading Raises $6.8 in Seed Funding


doo, a digital solution for managing paperwork and documents, has raised $6.8 in seed investment from DuMont Venture, and angel investors namely Dr. Hermann Simon and Lars Hinrichs.

According to the startup, it reinvents paperwork. They target their services at consumers and small businesses.

Their website is currently in beta version. They have built a beta version of their OS X client and backend. They are also Continue reading