Midnight Scoop – The Easiest Way To Scoop Hard Ice Cream


Midnight Scoop, a Kickstarter backed project, aims to provide a better ice cream scoop (they call it magic scoop) for all of us. I’m sure it a good news for hard and cold ice cream lovers. It is quite successful in its initial round of fund raising through Kickstarter and it has already raised $30,831 as of today of their $17,500 goal amount. This is pretty amazing, isn’t it?

So, whats the problem with existing scoops? Well, according to Midnight Scoop, everyone has been scooping ice cream wrong. Current ice cream scoops require you to use weak wrist joins to scoop hard ice cream. The prying motion that you need to do when scooping ice cream puts tremendous amounts of stress on your weak wrist joints that makes scooping ice cream very difficult. In order to avoid this, some people use heated scoop causing the ice cream to be melted. Continue reading

Oomea : Hub for New Cuisines!

oomea logoFoodies! A new innovative way of discovering new cuisines is here now! If you wish to discover new food, find out about the restaurants near your place and see the new recipes from all over the world. Oomea is a new platform of reviewing restaurants which give challenge to foodies to take interest into new cuisines and try the new culinary on a global scale with amazing dining experience. Through his global flavor experience diners can gain knowledge about different types of cuisines and cultures by being in their own city for the convenience of their home.

Continue reading Instagam-Based Site for Food

RestaugramInstagram is a free photo sharing and social network that has gone viral over the months. In this app, you can see thousands of pictures that range on just about anything. But what if I tell you there is a similar service but is only focused on nothing but dishes that are served in restaurants? That would be great news for binge- lovers. Continue reading

Recmend: Choose Healthier Snacks at Work



When you have busied yourself with work all day, it’s no doubt that you’ll get hungry. But more often than not, you’re choices are too limited that you have to resort into buying from vending machine. And most of the stuff are junk or are very limited. But what choice do you have? Use Recmend, a service that allows you to create your own personal snack box and use it as your personal vending machine. Continue reading

Bizlia: Your Online Local Directory



Bizlia is a unique online directory where users can easily find local businesses. With Bizlia, you can easily buy products or book services at your favorite local shops as well as buy menu items or book reservations at local restaurants. Also, you can promote or connect with local businesses through reviews.

Bizlia seems to be pretty simple but it provides a much more seamless experience than any other similar services. Continue reading

SecondMenu: Turn Your Menu Into Social Marketing Opportunity



SecondMenu is a service that helps you to grow your business. It comes with full Facebook integration so that your customers can spread your menu items on their social networks.

You can put your own QR.Stick it anywhere and turn your menu into a social marketing opportunity for your restaurant or your bar. You can make it simple for your customers to enjoy a digital menu and start spreading your dishes.

SecondMenu comes with analytics. Through it, you can find out what your customers like best and they change your menu accordingly. Continue reading Grub with Friends with Just a Tap



If you love food and meet- ups with your friends, an app that does the work of organizing everything should be in order. And that is when comes into play. Introducing the easiest way possible to find friends for grub- togethers, Hungry is most basically a one tap way to become better with friend. So if you want to bond with some of your friends? Hungry allows user to do that with one tap on iPhones.

So say for example you feel like going out and grab some food at a deli or that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, and then you can make use of Hungry’s services. Continue reading

OyeChotu: Your Food Delivery Call Center



OyeChotu is the food call center of Ahmedabad. That is how OyeChotu describes itself. Whenever you are hungry, you can trust on OyeChotu to get you whatever you would like to have.

You are at office, home, want to host a party, you can get OyeChotu to quickly deliver you any type of food for home delivery from anywhere, anytime in Ahmedabad. With OyeChotu, you will no longer need to hunt to menus and call the same old places for home delivery of food.

You can view full and up-to-date menus on and place orders to your favorite food junctions in Ahmedabad such as restaurants, fast food joints, cakes & chocolates shops, ice-creams, pizza outlets, tiffin services and more. Continue reading

TastedMenu: Discover Delicious Dishes, Share Dining Experiences



Tasted Menu is a platform where foodies can discover new dishes, make more informed decisions, share their experiences and have fun.

If you love food, Tasted Menu is the place to be. On their website, you will find many dishes based on their ranking. Every dish on Tasted Menu gets a ranking from users. You can also read the reviews on the dish and see many photos of it. Along with that, you also get to see how many people liked it.

Tasted Menu is a website and mobile app that offers diners and unmatched experience. With it, you can make more informed decisions. There are so many dishes on Tasted Menu that you can easily find the ones that you will love. Continue reading

DishPal: Food Sharing On iPhone, iPad With Photos



Foodies take note. Now, you can share your delicious creations with the world with DishPal.

It is the most yummy social network because it is all and only about food. On this social network, you can share your dishes with your friends, receive likes and comments and have fun.

Apart from sharing dishes and recipes, you can also share your food experiences or simply bring your friend’s dishes to your phone. You can also bring dishes to their 24-hour mobile potluck parties.

You will be surprised to know that many chefs and cuisine masters have already embraced dish sharing apps and are sharing their creations with friends online and foodies from all around the world. Continue reading