Litmind: Perfect Place for Professional Photographers!

Litmind logoDo you have an interest in Photography? Do you wish to have a career in this field? If yes, then here is the right solution for you, Litmind. It is the ideal place where you can come across models, stylists, professional photographers and modeling agencies meet to share work together. Now, you can easily find models for your advertisements, or banner production, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, modeling agencies and much more at one place.

Litmind helps you to organize your projects, shooting, occasions, concerts, events and castings within its work-groups feature. Continue reading

Fibond – Giving You a Natural Solution to Stop Hair Fall is a website that brings forward a revolutionary formula. They give you a natural solution that stops hairfall. Their product acts right on the thinning areas of your head and strengthens your hair. This formula has been developed by experts after years of research and they guarantee that it has no side effects. They have claimed that it has been charged on static electricity and works in a natural manner and creates a strong bond to retain the hair on your head.

The unique thing about fibond is that they have claimed that no animal fur or unnatural chemical fiber made up in a lab is used in its formulation. Continue reading

Wantering: Your People- Powered Shopping

WanteringFurthering our creative endeavors is one of the many things that technology helped us.  It has made great leaps and bounds in letting a collective outpouring of preferences and tastes. But up until now, it has always relied straight on our specific statements of partiality. And with all of the information we share on a daily basis, technology is now beginning to invest in our future taste, which is to use advanced computations to present us with what we want before we want it.

A startup called Wantering does exactly that. This site turns the expertise and energy found in blogs and fashion social networks into an easy-to-browse digest of the most interesting products on the web. Continue reading

Wantering: Fashion Buys On Your Fingertips



Wantering is a website that provides you the best in fashion through a simple and easy-to-use interface.

On Wantering you can easily browse through hundreds of fashion items such as clothes, accessories, shoes, stockings, purses and more for both men and women. Every photograph comes with the name and price of the product. The best thing is that if you click on the photograph to know the details or see a bigger photograph of the product, you will not leave the page or open a new window. The instantaneousness of it was surprising and pleasant. Continue reading