Building a Solid Tax Foundation for a Successful Startup!

Unless you are an accountant or tax attorney, you probably don’t know the first thing about a proper tax foundation for your startup. The very fact that there are accountants and tax attorneys suggests that the tax code is so dense and convoluted that we need a special class of people to devote their lives to understanding it just to help us navigate the system.

Your startup isn’t about taxes; it is about selling the next big thing, or wearable widget, or consumer service that changes the way we… well, you get the idea. You’re great at that. But if your startup is going to have any chance of success, you have got to lay a solid tax foundation.

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TheGlobalEconomy: The Global Economy at Your Reach



We are at a time where knowing about other countries is just a click away. And there’s one particular site that will help us understand the economy in different parts of the world. puts everything in a finer perspective. With this site, you are able to cognize the global economy by learning the news about the world economy in a much simpler approach. In other words, helps you to be better equipped to interpret economic indicators and what is happening in various countries.

The site brings together graphs and reports for countries spanning just the whole world; Europe, America, Asia, Africa. Continue reading