SELLSY – The Best Tool To Manage Your Sales


Looking to boost the performance of your sales team but not happy with the existing software, Sellsy is a powerful collaborative web and mobile software to best manage your sells efficiently. Basically its a SaaS based CRM / ERP packed with everything that you will need to manage your modern sales team. Continue reading

CoolPost: 10 Ways to get Leads & Sales from Facebook News Feeds!

1Today Cool Mojito released a new product called Cool Posts that makes it possible to collect emails, build a leads funnel and close sales directly from Facebook Newsfeeds and Timeline. Studies show that 98% of activities on Facebook happens in the news feeds. This is where your customers are. But how do you convert these Facebook users to leads and sales? The answer is Cool Posts. Below are 10 ways to use CoolPosts to build your leads funnel and increase your sales. Continue reading

TrackChat : Chat with Client’s of Your Website!

TrackChat logoMost of the times, the website owners wish to interact with the visitors who browse through their websites to find out what they think about their brands, their feedback and most importantly to create brand loyalty. TrackChat allows you to do that. It helps you to chat with the visitors which visit your website by simply adding a chat with us box the lower bottom of your website. The moment you get offline, the chat window is replaced by “Contact Us” label.

All you need to do is sign up and establish the code provided to you on your website and upload the chat program. Continue reading

BetterSalez: Easy Sales Tracking and Sales Management Solution

BetterSalezIndependent consultants, freelancers, sales reps, businessmen and anyone who is interested to simplify his sales management are making a living of selling something.  And nearly every one of them is non- technical people with limited resources. What they need is a simple, clear, and handy solutions that will not only help them track and manage their sales effectively but also make them do it without having to pay too much, without complicated integration, and what not. However, most solutions offered to them are either full- package CRM solution with too many features, or is expensive and complicated that just doesn’t suit their needs. Continue reading

Contactually: Make Your Business Relationship Management Easy



Contactually is a service that allows you to manage your business relationships better.

With daily follow-up reminders, security and privacy, Contactually helps you to spend more time focusing on your relationships and improve your business rather than in managing it.

Contactually allows you to organize your contacts from anywhere, be it email, social media or your phone. Within a minute, you can connect each of your accounts to Contactually and start managing everything from one place. All your data including names, phone numbers, addresses, notes and conversation history can be stored in a single spot for easy access. Continue reading

AffinityLive: Work Smarter & In The Cloud For Easy Management



AffinityLive manages all work your business does for your clients in one place, in the cloud.

The service is designed specifically for professionals. If you are still using spreadsheets, you can make things easier for yourself. From prospect to payment and everything in between, AffinityLive saves you time and make you money by putting everything you do for your clients in an easy-to-use online system.

AffinityLive helps you with sales to working on projects and issues all the way to invoicing. It handles all the steps between sales opportunities to invoicing. You get all the information at one place on AffinityLive. Continue reading

Appstark: Engage With Your Cusotmers Easily



Appstark is a simple and instant way to engage with your users. It helps you to capture user feedback so that you can manage customer relationship management better.

If your company is not listening to what your customers are saying, you will not be able to pinpoint your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Missing out on customer relations means loss for a company both in sales and reputation. Appstark has found an easy way out for companies who want to connect with their customers. Through it provide the tools to your users so that they can talk to you. Continue reading