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SELLSY – The Best Tool To Manage Your Sales


Looking to boost the performance of your sales team but not happy with the existing software, Sellsy is a powerful collaborative web and mobile software to best manage your sells efficiently. Basically its a SaaS based CRM / ERP packed with everything that you will need to manage your modern sales team. Continue reading

Symphonical: Enhance Your Productivity!

Symphonical LogoHow often do you face problems in managing and your assignments and tasks? There are many times when you just need a helping hand to help you organize your projects efficiently. But now, with the help of Symphonical, you can easily manage your task on a whiteboard. It is a project organizing and collaboration application which helps you draft digital sticky notes on your desktop and incorporate as a featured app with Google +. Continue reading

Discobo : Get All your Answers!

Discobo LogoEver felt the need of something or someone who could easily solve your queries and sort out all your problems? If yes, then you surely need something which could solve your day to day problems. Discobo makes it convenient to find some of the most amazing solutions and products for you. It helps you select a better way out of the others. In short, it is a question & answer platform made available to the crowd globally to find out the best product for their daily issues.

All you need to do is ask the community your queries, Continue reading

Media4x : Compilation of Online Tools!

Media4x logoFor web developers, online tools play a crucial role. You cannot be a successful developer unless you have an access to the right tools. Media4x is the right place for you, if you want a direct access to the online tools. It contains a large variety of tools out of which mostly are used by the web development companies. Though the website is in its growing phase but once it is fully developed it will grant you an access to some of the most amazing tools of the web world.

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Skwibl : Get the Perfect Design for Every Occasion!

Skwibl LogoOften you see designers struggling for the perfect client who could give the recognition which they literally deserve. Few get it, a few don’t! Skwibl is a common podium for clients as well as designers to communicate and collaborate on a venture. While working as a designer you enjoy a small project and manage your images and videos. What your client does is spot specific images, videos and places to ease your interaction. The communication is in real time which permits you to be factually and allegorically on the similar page with your customer.

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Twenty Tweet : Enhance Your Social Media ROI!

TwentyTweet LogoSo many times you just wonder how to track your performance and rating in the social media ROI. One of the strongest trackers to analyze your performance is TwentyTweet. It tracks, observes, measures and increases the performance of the social media ROI. Now you can easily compare and see the influence with its help. It tracks timeline and tweets of the various social media networks, analyzes the data of your social networking sites with strong graph equipments and envisages the consequence of the various social networking campaigns. It helps in comparing and increasing your performance with any of your business competitors or friends.

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GroupMap: Brainstorming With A Twist

GroupMapBrainstorming is an essential part to come up with great new ideas to improve business strategies. GroupMap is a real- time, collaborative brainstorming with a twist. It basically shows you what the group is thinking by combining views and ideas of individual participants. Through that, a significant insight is provided that eventually leads to a group, collective learning and effective decision making.

With GroupMap, you can improve engagement and participation greatly. Continue reading

JoynIn: Get Rewarded For Meeting New People



JoynIn is a mission that rewards people for empowering their employees, businesses and customers and enjoy the rich experiences and economic value from their relationships.

JoynIn believes that relationships are important, even if they are because of economic reasons. That is why they consider the relationships between employees and their customers, employers and employees, businesses and their customers, and of course relationship between friends important. Therefore, they have created a platform where you can connect with people in a unique way. Continue reading

PowerMeeter: Make New Business Connections Easily



PowerMeeter is an online, face-to-face speed networking meeting place that lets you make new business connections effectively and fast.

This new way of speed networking allows you to meet new business connection, have one to one ‘meet’ that may last two minutes or more, and develop more business connections for furthering your business.

PowrMeeter allows you a convenient face-to-face communication. It provides a richer networking experience due to its at-a-glance information about each new person you meet. Continue reading

BusyFlow: Collaborate Using Cloud Apps



BusyFlow is a service that offers you a workspace that creates the easiest way for you and your team to collaborate and manage cloud apps. The service is for developer teams, media agencies, power Internet users, consultants etc.

You can collaborate to get work done effectively by using cloud apps. By using multiple productivity apps that allow you to manage your project and tasks more effectively, it will make your work easier.

BusyFlow comes with smooth cross application integration. You can easily juggle files, notes and tasks between your apps with a click or a drag. Continue reading