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Healthcare Gizmo vs Entertainment Guru!

The only common interest these two phones share is the design of the camera. Samsung Galaxy S5 has HDR(Rich tone) effect that creates greater range of luminosity. The pictures taken are simply more vivid and intensified. With this depth, the length of shooting is nevertheless condensed, Fast Auto Focus is what will happen when what is happening. To compete this, HTC ONE M8 has its rival feature of UFocus, which takes pride of its cunning in bringing blurry objects into focus before or even after the shoot. The complete panorams view your entire world 180° x 360° with simple tilt controls and leveling line. Both phones are also providing default App storage and link with Google Play, among others, to reinforce your think tank. Continue reading

MuscleLove – The Popular Social Networking App Specializing in Bodybuilding!

MuscleLoveMuscleLove is a simply designed iPhone App skillfully based on the complex of Applied Psychology and human physiology. The designer has been well aware of the dilemma between a natural path of shriveling enthusiasm and a persistent human survival instinct for a superior existence. Thus the birth of MuscleLove.

The Inspiration feature is the trigger of all the mechanism. By activating the feature, a user will be shown thousands of pictures taken by his peers within different categories. These pictures are not for entertainment only. They are the sealing up for the past and threshold for the future. Continue reading

Librarika – The Education That Pushes The Boundary!

LibrarikaIf knowledge has no limit, the human creation, library, itself has the limit. It is no longer the case with Librarika, a virtual treasure house for everyone to use.

Librarika is a SaaS based Integrated Library System (ILS) deployed on the Cloud. It is a library management system designed in consideration of low cost, convenience and expandable implementation and usability. Librarika ILS has OPAC built within for the storage of wealth of and organized information, and with functionalities to support searching, booking and sharing. Continue reading

Facebook Plans to Share Nearby Friends Location Data With Advertisers!

FB NearbyPossibly a little late to the game, though never ever too late, Facebook’s applications have introduced a Find-My-Friends-like feature in the US called Nearby Friends. But the company has repeatedly stressed something about this brand-new feature, it’s optional.

‘Nearby Friends is an optional feature. You can select which could see if you are nearby (for example – your close friends, friends, or a specific friends list) and you could turn it on and off any time’ announced Facebook in a blog post on its Newsroom hub. Continue reading

Facebook Bulks Paper Application With More Features Like Photo Comments in Very First Major Upgrade!

Facebook-PaperOn launch, Paper was extensively deemed the best application Facebook had actually created, with lots of favoring it to the App proper. It did not have a few functions the Facebook had, which left lots of wanting. With today’s update, Paper fans will acquire a host of new functions that could possibly have them moving away from Facebook entirely.

In Paper, we’ll now view updates for activities and Birthday parties, and finding them is equally very easy as when in Facebook’s application. Touch on the globe symbol, and it raises all your events and birthday celebrations of family and friends. If you intend to comment, you can now do so with a picture– similar to Facebook. Continue reading

Google Now Lets You Access to Your Computer Through Android With Chrome Remote Desktop!

chromGoogle’s Chrome Remote Desktop service, very first launched in 2011, is coming to mobile. Today, the company launched an Android app that will let customers access their desktop, whether through a Chrome internet app for Mac, PC, and Linux or with Chrome OS itself. Once you’ve set up your primary machine, you could introduce the Android app to hook up to it. Gigaom reported a few days ago that the app visited beta testing, but it’s now readily available to anyone with an Android phone or tablet, though doing a lot with the former will be a little cramped. There’s no accurate date offered for an iOS version, but Google shares it will certainly be coming later this year. Continue reading

Google’s Helpouts Experience Service is Now Available for Apple iPhone!

googleNeed to brush up on your cooking abilities, yet only have your iPhone around at hand? Don’t panic> Google has silently brought its Helpouts solution to iOS. Just like the alreadying existing Android application, the iPhone-sized app (sorry, no iPad series) allows you schedule video chats with experts on topics ranging from annealing to bike repair service. Just be ready to limit on your own to complimentary suggestions – Google isn’t really supplying paid Helpouts in the iOS app. You’ll likewise should go to the web if you want to give listings for your own instructional sessions. If neither of those limitations is a deal-breaker, though, you could begin taking courses today.

Google Glass KitKat Update This Week But Video Calling Removed!

google-glassStill require a push to fall $1,500 on Google’s Glass headset when they go on sale to all US homeowners tomorrow? After skipping a couple of months, the partner behind it is pushing a huge software program upgrade later this week that lets it run the best version of Android and includes a lot of new features. Apart from changing to Android Kit Kat – which will bring brand-new functions to apps and let designers use the latest SDK– Glass is now arranging pictures in bundles (think Instagram photo grids, look after the break for a peek) for simpler scrolling, enables photo replies in Google Hangouts, makes it easier to send comments and even sorts voice commands to put your most-used ones on top. Continue reading

Google Steps up Android Security with Regular Malware Scans!

AndroidBack at the tail end of February we heard about an enhancement Google was dealing with to the way Android helps protect  users against malicious software software, building off the existing Verify Application framework that assessed applications at the time of installment to present a system that consistently kept track of applications to inspect for ne’er-do-wells, even after the software was already packed on your phone. Recently Google confirms that report and reveals the introduction of this recently boosted scanning service.

Continue reading

Sonos Adds Support For Google Play Music, Featuring Casting From Play Music Android App!

Sonos-google-play-musicGoogle Play Music is today including native support for Sonos, permitting Android users stream songs to the hi-fi speaker devices more easily. The ability to send out music directly to the preferred speakers is now baked right in, doing away with the have to make use of Sonos’ Controller application. Google Play Music is the very first significant solution to supply this level of built-in Sonos combination, and it was achieved thanks to a tight partnership between the two companies. “As we continue to invest in the method you experience and control your music in the home, curating and managing an array of services across multiple rooms, the benefits of playing your music to Sonos directly from these extremely services is clear,” Sonos claimed in a blog post. Continue reading