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Google Voice Provides Web-Based Calls With Hangouts, No Google+ Profile Needed!

Google VoiceThe report is that eventually we’re visiting Google Voice combined completely into Hangouts, which’s obtaining also more detailed to ending up being fact. You can now make phone calls via Hangouts directly from the Google Voice web-site, no Google+ necessary. As Mountain View’s Alex Wiesen keeps in mind on G+, the new feature is provided as an option in the, Phone To Call With’ drop-down box. It appears a little small, certain, specifically when you take into consideration that Hangouts is already just how you make phone calls outward Gmail – but any updates for the oft-neglected support are welcome, appropriate?

Amazon Wallet App Launches in Beta, Ahead of Fire Phone Release in US!

amazon-walletThe Amazon Fire Phone is simple days away from launching in the US, and that implies Amazon is most likely readying complementary services, such as a new wallet app that just released.

Called Amazon Wallet, Amazon’s new app is available on both the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store as a cost-free download. It lets you scan and store gift cards, loyalty cards, and it’ll even acknowledge ordeals like barcodes and QR codes. You can also use Amazon Wallet to inspect your gift card balance. Continue reading

Facebook’s brand-new Save Feature Allows You Read Top Ten Lists Later!

facebook savePerishing to understand what the top ten finest shows from the 1990s are, but simply do not have time to click through that Facebook link? That’s okay – the social network’s app will obtain a brand-new feature: SAVE. Consider it like Pocket, however simply for Facebook. Links, films, spots, songs and more can now be included in a ‘SAVED’ list by tapping on the thing’s alternatives drop-down, allowing them to be viewed later on through the application’s ‘More’ tab. Continue reading

Hotjar Insights – A Powerful Way To Reveal True Website User Behavior And Experiences

Hotjar InsightsIf you are from web or mobile app industry, then you probably know that there are more than hundreds of web performance analytical tools available out there. That including Google Analytics itself, CrazyEgg, Clicktale, Qualaroo, Miapex, Mixpanel and many more, yet users are not satisfied with the performance measurement capabilities provided by these tools. In addition to that, their features and capability significantly vary from one to another.

Hotjar Insights is another brand new analytical tool for understanding true website and mobile users behaviour and experience from one central place. Continue reading

Google Maps Updated v8.2 With Biking Elevation, Voice Action in Navigation!

google-maps-8.2Google Maps for Android updated to Version 8.2 with some new features. These brand-new features includes a Biking elevation support (close to public transportation, driving and walking), and a casual voice actions while in GPS.

The Biking Elevation feature is really neat, but specified as beta. Basically, you get a timeline of your route so you could select one with the least climbing. It also contrasts multiple routes in the search interface. The other biggie is voice actions in GPS mode. Continue reading

Twitter’s Direct Messaging is About to Get Scarcely Considerably Less Maddening on Cellular!

TwitterTwitter has actually announced a a lot-necessary pair of improvements to the direct messaging part of its service, which will certainly roll out over the succeeding handful of weeks.

On its Twitter Support account, the firm announced mobile clients will certainly soon be in a position to see their comprehensive DM history on their mobile phones, as opposed to just the  last few conversations.

In a 2nd tweet, the firm revealed it is working on modifications that will certainly syncronise removed messages throughout all a customer’s devices. Continue reading

Google Hit With Gmail Warrant as Part of Inquisition!

gmail-logoA suspect who has actually not been named is the target of a cash washing examination, and as part of this probe, Google will be required to hand over access to this Gmail account. The ruling, made earlier today, has raised concerns.

The ruling was made by UNITED STATE Magistrate Court Gabriel Gorenstein, that provided the consent to offer Google with a warrant for access to the email account. Google hasn’t replied to the judgment, yet the court went on to say the law permits such document reviews. Continue reading

Amazon Brings #AmazonCart to India; Now Add to Amazon Cart From Twitter

amazoncartAmazon has actually introduced its well-liked purchasing service Amazon Cart in India. The most recent shopping experience enables Indian clients to get items from directly with Twitter.

Published in May the #AmazonCart feature connects the Twitter account of the user with Amazon’s make up in-app purchase. It allows the individuals to include an item to the cart straight from Twitter then they could purchase the item whenever they wish. This brand-new attribute from Amazon likewise brings a tagline along with it which says - Add it now. Continue reading

Skype Application for Windows 8.1 Upgraded, Now Features Free of Cost Group Video Calling!

Skype Group Video CallMany months earlier, Skype made the group video clip calling feature available on its service free of charge. Skype now discusses that group video calling has enhanced ‘Four fold’ considering that the attribute went free. Microsoft has actually now rolled out this feature to the Skype application for Windows 8.1. You could now take part in a complimentary group video clip call while on your Windows 8.1 tablet or two-in-one device.  Continue reading

Founder of Google Glass Leaves for Amazon!

babak-parviz-googleThe optics savant that helped Google create Glass has actually just announced that he’s “super excited” to be joining Amazon. Babak Parvis was one of the initial members of Google’s Project X skunkworks laboratory, and the initial head of the Glass project team. Prior to that, the Seattle local was a scientist at the University of Washington where he created the initial contact lenses with  integrated circuits. Later on, he collaborated with Microsoft on research for blood-glucose monitoring calls with Microsoft, a project he ultimately brought to Google. Continue reading