What is StartupTunes?

StartupTunes is an exclusive Web2.0 Startups review blog.  Startups which have a great chance to become a successful one is our primary interest. We write reviews on Web 2.0 websites, Web Applications, Web Services, Web APIs, E-Commerce Sites, Social Networks and community web projects. Both startup and our site user get benefited from StartupTunes blog.

Our Objective

Keeping our site audience updated with the best quality Web Start-ups and latest Web Technologies is our primary goal. To reach the goal we publish up to three reviews per day. Why not more than three reviews? Because we believe, it is hard for a single user to catch up with more than three startups per day. It also gives us the opportunity to select best three startups out of total submissions per day. And we write our reviews in such a way that each article is neither too short for the startup nor too long for the user to grasp the idea.

Benefits For Web Startups

Startups are the main beneficiary of StartupTunes. Getting right audience is the main factor for a web project to become successful, without the audience any web project must fail no matter how beautiful, effective, useful or impressive the startup is. But it is very hard for a new startups to get the audience at first. It needs lots of effort and patient to get the audience.

Getting reviewed on StartupTunes have following benefits for a new startup:

  • Introduces the startup to a new audience base.
  • Provides slow but steady long term traffics from the review.
  • Gives more than one quality authoritative back-links to the startups helping achieve high rank in Search Engine.
  • Displaying StartupTunes badge at the home page or press section of the startup gives more confidence toward its products and service.
  • A fresh and unique content to publicize on social networks and other forums to achieve SEO
  • And many more

Benefits For Our Site User

Our audience get following benefits:

  • Be among the first to get introduced with up to three web startups.
  • It takes about 20 minutes to read 3 articles per day, so not a big wastage of time.
  • Many startups are built on unique ideas and new technologies, so get your self updated with them.

How To Get My Startup Reviewed?

Great start-ups are being launched everyday. Some of them are really great in terms of design, user interface and idea. We want to write on those best start-ups for our reader.

When reviewing a startup, we consider following questions:

  • Is the Start-up website complete?
  • Is the Start-up website looking good or standard in terms of user interface?
  • Is the Start-up well designed?
  • Does the Start-up cover a good user base?
  • Does the start-up serve a common interest or solve a common problem?
  • The idea my not be unique but does it have a good prospect of success?
  • Who are the main competitors?
  • and more

If you feel you have a really good startup and you want us to review your startup then please submit your startup here. We will reply you soon.

Contact Us

Support: StartupTunes Forum
Email: info.[at].startuptunes.com
Twitter: @startuptunes
Facebook: StartupTunes

Suggestions and comments are welcome, please feel free to contact us.



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