Atmail – Providing Hassle-Free Communication And Messaging Platform!

AtmailProudly calling themselves as ‘The Messaging Platform Experts’, Atmail developers have come a long way ever since they started the webmail based service. Over a period of fifteen years, the Atmail team has grown to a considerable extent with team learning, shared vision and individual mastery.Atmail is credited to have starting the first ever commercial webmail based application in the year 1998 and since then, there has been no stopping as it has revolutionized the email industry with its unique offerings. Many of the prestigious companies across different industries use Atmail’s services to meet their varied messaging and communication requirements. The Atmail team is constantly striving to develop a class-leading messaging platform that provides flawless support to its clients and also helps Atmail to build a clear vision to redefine the future email industry.

While Atmail offers a sea of benefits to its clients, there are few which stand out from the rest. The first benefit that deserves a mention is the re-branding flexibility. Atmail understands that its clients have an identity of their own. Thus, it provides messaging solutions while retaining the identity and the branding of the client. The company can easily upload their brand logos via the web-based admin of Atmail. It also provides the brand a wide range of branding options to increase online presence and awareness.

Providing webmail themes is another striking feature of Atmail. With webmail themes, users can complete access to an assortment of already existing themes to choose from. End users can also add their own webmail themes if they want. Atmail also has a multi-lingual interface to cater to a wide range of audience. It ships in different languages like Afrikaans and Francais. Its interface features completely translated buttons and icons for complete ease of use. End users can also access tools to add a new language if they wish to.

Atmail developers have designed a powerful, comprehensive search engine function for its discerning users. Using this search engine, Atmail’s users can look for any attachment or message in any folder. Users can search for sent as well as received messages with equal ease. The results are accurate and quick.


Hassle free my ass. Their webmail client automatically sorts email out of date order and provides no function for manual sorting. When I inquired with my hosting provider about how to deal with this, they told us not to use Atmail's webmail client.