PinaCMS – How is it Different From Other Ecommerce SaaS Solutions!

PinaCMSThe present SaaS e-commerce systems are designed in such a manner that the developer completely controls the system. This restricts the expansion as well as customization of these systems. However, PinaCart is a one-of-its-kind ecommerce system. It is a simple and a quick solution to all your ecommerce queries.

With PinaCart, all you have to do is download the software and install it on your system and within no time, you will start getting your clients. PinaCart is software that allows you to not just develop but also sell your own software features, templates as well as skins.

With PinaCart, clients can also use their own widgets in any or all of their business websites. It is not necessary that these widgets should be based on PinaCMS or PinaCart. Widgets are automatically developed for each and every active module. These widgets are essentially reusable leftovers of the JavaScript code. You can easily paste this code at any location in your website code and start using the equivalent functions. For instance, you are enabled to display any product, page, category, contact form or a listing of product reviews on your business website.

PinacCart is well-designed software allowing development and keeping an update a wide network of ecommerce stores. Additionally, you can also use the PinaCart software to build your in-house ecommerce SaaS solution. This will in turn, give your clients the added benefit of a hosted multi-store CMS. The best part about PinaCart is that it comes completely with open source code. The decision completely rests with you whether you want to give the clients the freedom to access this open source code.

You may wonder why PinaCMS is different from other ecommerce SaaS solutions. The key difference is that multi sites support in PinaCMS is integrated at the basic level and this is one of the fundamental aspects of the PinaCMS system. There are several advantages to be realized with the PinaCMS system. Some of these include an adaptable mechanism of access control, hassle-free administration, opportunity to develop and promote websites at the same time and optimize as well as automate routine actions.