Locolearning – Your Online Memorizing Tool!

Locolearning LogoJust the way an electronic computer stores data in its hard drive, the human brain also functions similarly as it will store data that the individual has chosen to store. Memorizing is a term used synonymously with information processing and storing. In simple terms, one can describe memorizing as something that the brain will store and recall and something which it has learnt by heart.

Adding an innovative touch to memorizing exam as well as test notes is the Locolearning website. The website is currently at its designing stage but looks to be quite promising for all students who find it difficult to memorize long notes and answers for their test questions. For instance, if a student wants to examine his knowledge of a article on Wikipedia about the Black-browned Albatross. He simply has to copy the article from the Wikipedia and paste it in the text box provided on the Locolearning website.

Once the block of text is pasted in the text box, the student should then choose any word in the article and click on it. He can choose any distinctive word. If he wants to change the word, then a double click will undo the command. Once he has clicked on specific words, he should hit publish. Once the text is published, the student can start entering answers in the hidden blocks.

Locolearning also allows the user to check the results of the answers entered in the text box. To know what the published test menu buttons function as, the user simply has to hover the mouse cursor on any of the elements seen on the page. The various elements included have a vote option where the user can vote against the test if he felt it was not conducted in the right way. Another is a ‘check your result’ element which the user can hit on to examine his results. One element is provided to allow the user to read through the source text of the main article. Another element allows the user to bookmark the test he has taken. Once bookmarked, the users can access the test from his profile, from the ‘bookmarks’ section!