Skillmeter – Helping Recruiters Measure Incumbent’s Skills Accurately

SkillmeterWhen it comes to hiring a new recruit for any profile at work, HR professionals face a tedious task of screening the candidates based on their skills and talents. Guessing candidate skills is a perplexing task and one cannot get it right at all times. Even if you are a business owner, you certainly know how important it is look for hire the best brains in the industry. Most business owners resort to common practices like computer tests or written tests before conducting the crucial face to face interview. However, few HR professionals are aware that exists a professionally built test platform that can help to hire better candidates, without wasting a lot of time in the recruitment process.

Skillmeter is an app based on the web-platform that has been custom designed for businesses to help them in their recruitment process. This is a relative new test taking platform through which various recruiters to create the tests and allocate these tests to different candidates who can then take the test online. Though there are several online platforms for assistance in recruiting, Skillmeter offers unique features. The site claims to cut down on a minimum of one hour’s time spent by the recruiter per incumbent during the lengthy process of job hiring.

As Skillmeter allows the recruiter to create customized tests, the recruiter is in a better position to analyze the candidate’s skills and thus, ensure the right candidate is hired for the job. This eventually improves the hiring success rate for the company. The app is quite flexible to use and the candidate can take the test from any tablet or PC. The results of the test can be accessed instantly by the recruiter.

Skillmeter is a well-built test management tool that allows recruiters to measure candidate’s skills accurately. To use the services, the recruiter has to first subscribe and define the type of tests that need to be created. Then, the recruiter can start adding candidates and assign them to the tests. Each candidate is identified through a unique pin code. The recruiter will forward the pin code as well as link of the test center to the candidate. The test center can either be a standard one or a personalized one.

Once the candidate completes the test, the recruiter can immediately see the results and take the hiring decision