Google Chromebook Pixel – A Premium Machine With Premium Point Price!

GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK PIXEL IMAGEThe Chromebooks are available in one form or another since a long time in the market. The devices using Chrome as operating system has not fully won over the consumers, but with the launch of Google Chromebook Pixel, the market trends are definitely going to change. This device hit the US market in February 2013 with a price of $1299. In the month of February, Google made a claim that this device has been manufactured to bring together the best in terms of hardware, software and design so that the next generation of Chromebooks can be inspired. It is a premium machine at a premier price point as per the laptop experts present across the globe. This device has a higher-than-retina-display of 239 pixels per inch as compared to 227 pixels per inch of retina displays used in other device. It has a touchscreen that suits quite well with the premium design. This device has the highest pixel density displays in the market. The screen of this device measures at 12.85 inches along the diagonal with a resolution of 2,560×1700 which provides it with the pixel density of 239 pixels per inches. The Chromebook has specifications of 29.77cmx 22.46cmx1.62 centimeters with a weight of 1.52 kg.

The shell of this laptop has been made up of anodized aluminum and a great effort has been done by Google to make sleek and smooth chassis. It has hidden vents, invisible screws and the speakers have been placed beneath the back-lit keyboard. A special attention has been given to touch-pad by making it with the etched glass and honing it with laser so that extra precision can be achieved as per the company spokesperson. It delivers a great performance as per the experts and an equally responsive and efficient touchscreen complements it quite well.  It has an Intel core i5 3427U processor with DDR3 RAM of 4 GB. The on-board storage has been limited to 32 GB SSD but one terabyte of storage is provided by Google at Google Drive cloud that can be used for free for a period of three years. Outside the chassis, there is an SD flash card reader, two USB 2.0 ports and a mini display port that mirrors or extends desktop to a second screen. A dual band Wi- Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) , Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity alongwith a forward facing 720 HD webcam for video calling has been provided as well.

Google has made sincere efforts to provide this device with a great hardware which reflects. The main advantage of this laptop is that it boots in only a few seconds. The Chromebook pixel has chrome OS as its default operating system. A number of shortcuts have been provided to Google services such as Chrome web store, Google maps, Gmail etc. The files app of this laptop can be used for managing the local files. The Chromebook has everything but lacks in terms of available touch optimized apps due to which its usage remains limited to a certain extent.