Dwibbles – Your Social Media Manager!

Dwibbles LogoDwibbles is an innovative social media manager that gathers and gets all your social media accounts at one podium. It is an intuitive, user friendly and easy to customize online instrument that allows easy access to every networking sites and blog which you follow in your daily life. It gathers all the notifications, alerts, and updates and RSS friends of your contacts and friends and amalgamates them into one line of data holding all the info that you actually require to see in future.

Dwibbles has a simple interface and all you need to do is create an account in seconds via your Twitter or Facebook and start working on it. Add the sites and services that you desire to follow and there you go! Once you activate it, you will start receiving notifications and feeds on your Dwibbles page instantly. Simple, easy and time effective! And, it doesn’t ends here! It offers some distinct features which cannot be seen anywhere else.

It is a clever tool which analyses the people and topics you often follow and check out the important and relevant information that will surely interest you. It also priorities your feeds so that you receive exactly what you need and desire from anywhere. Another great thing worth mentioning is the cross-platform updates and sharing feature of the site. Dwibbles proves to be one of the best and essential online tools present for the management of social media profiles ever.

At present the site is in its infancy stage and offers services of accounts like Twitter, Digg, MySpace Instagram and Facebook. However, it plans to expand. It also expects to launch mobile friendly version. The best part is using this site doesn’t costs you a single penny.

So, connect all your social networking accounts on one display and catch every buzz from your friends, city and other places of your interest. A great benefit for large companies to enhance their followers with just one click of mouse! Check the site now and see its amazing features that you won’t find anywhere! It’s worth trying.


Nowadays we have completely lost our privacy. Major online platforms and companies reveal our data to advertisers and governments and we can't even imagine what they can do with it.

For these reasons a new social network, called Duvamis has arisen. Its main goal is to protect the privacy of its users and to create a safe online environment, where everyone can express himself in total anonymity.