Amazon Kindle Fire8.9 – A Tablet That Can Play 1080p Video At its Native Resolution!

AMAZON KINDLE FIRE8The manufacturers of tablets always keep a close eye on competition prevailing in market and try to be ahead of their competitors. Amazon has recently hit the market with Kindle Fire HD 8.9 which has been manufactured by keeping a close eye on the competitors. The display of 8.9 8inches makes it an easily portable tablet with screen size of a large sized tablet. It provides a great feel on being held and weighs only at 560 grams. It has hefted and plastic body upon which grip can be made easily. In portrait mode, this phone can be easily held with one hand whereas in landscape mode it has a long 16:10 aspect ratio due to which t cannot be comfortably held. Amazon has hit in real a sweet spot that lies between big and small. The Kindle Fire 8.9 has been provided with a sharp Retina display that is similar to Retina display of iPad. This tablet has infact more pixels per inch as compared to iPad. It has 254 pixels per inch as compared to 246 pixels per inch of iPad. It is a great pleasure to read on text as this is razor sharp. The images are captured in a great manner and this tablet has the capability to play 1080 pixels video at the native resolution.

The screen of this tablet has in- plane switching technology that is commonly known as IPS. The viewing angles are marvelous as well and the colors pop without being overfilled. The tech world has become overwhelmed as they have got a Retina 8.9 inch display with the launch of this tablet. Although, this device uses Android as operating system but it is not the same Android used as operating system of Nexus 7 or Galaxy Note 10.1. Amazon has provided this tablet with a forked version of the open source operating system. On the home screen, you can find a revolving menu of recently used apps and other content. When you start using this tablet, first of all you will have to fill up the favorite section with most used apps. Once you add all the apps you can get a nice workflow going. The favorites trigger lies in the navigation bar which means that you are just clicks far away from where you want to be. Along-with the giant sized recent app icons; you also have the categories for Shop, Games, Books, Music, Videos and Newsstands etc.

This tablet has a good battery life as well. The battery can be used for a full day with a great ease when it is fully charged. It does not have any rear camera, but that’s okay as there are a very few people that capture images from tablet. Amazon hasn’t provided any rear camera in this tablet but has given a great importance to front facing camera. If viewed from a technical view, this tablet has a Texas instrument OMAP 4470 processor which is dual core that can run at 1.5 GHz.