Apple iPhone 5 – A Smartphone With Clean, Crisp And Bright Screen!

APPLE IPHONE 5 IMAGEPeople had a lot of expectations from Apple iPhone 5 and with its launch all those expectations were fulfilled. This smartphone is extremely light weighed with a weight of 112 grams which is 20 percent lighter as compared to the predecessor iPhone 4s. The chassis of this phone appears to be designed for strength due to which it gives a solid feel. There is a change in the height as well; this iPhone is 123.8 mm tall that is well suited for a large screen of 4 inches. The general construction of this smartphone is marvelous and the two tone effect on back is great both in terms of visuals and usage. It has been provided with a micro-oxidized back and rounded line due to which this smartphone appears to be awesome. The two sections of glass that lie at the top and bottom of this smartphone prove to be an icing over the cake with a thoroughly durable sapphire glass  that complements Gorilla Glass at the front. The anodized black version of this smartphone is prone to scratching as well. Apple Inc. has used a more advanced form of antenna in this phone to eradicate the problem of lost signals. Two significant changes have been made in the design that include moving headphone jack to the bottom of phone and a new Lightning port that has replaced the iconic 30- pin connector.

The technology used in this smartphone with a display of 4 inches is highly impressive. It has the pixels per inch resolution of 326 with a display resolution of 1136x 640 pixels. In this smartphone the apps are updated automatically at regular intervals of time. The apps that require widescreen or tall screen can be used with a superior feel on this smartphone. Apple has used a layer of technologies below the screen to bring the display as close as possible to the glass that provides increased brightness and sharpness to the user’s eye. The display of this smartphone can be well defined with three words crisp, clear and bright. This smartphone has ios6 that has been designed in a simple manner due to which grid of apps can be easily sorted into folders by long pressing one and dragging on the top of another. This method can be used to uninstall the apps as well which makes it a much simpler system then anything on Android.

The iPhone5 has the default internet browser “Safari” which is considered to be one of the leaders in mobile browsing. While browsing the internet, you’ll notice that this smartphone is much faster then the iPhone 4S.  It has a great camera that captures images and videos at great quality. The camera of this smartphone is capable enough to record 30fps footage at 1080p. Moreover it has got video stabilization as well that makes sure your recorded movies do not look like you are running from the Blair Witch every time. In terms of audio, this smartphone deserves ten out of ten as the sound is rich and balanced and the overall effect is clean that can be easily listened to.