HappyToDos – Makes Every Project Management Challenge Simple!

HappyToDos LogoThere is no dearth of finding project management equipment on the internet, with every tool having offering a different function of its own and helping teams to get things done easily. HappyToDos is one of its kinds that provide a similar approach to project managers with some amazing kinks. The software basically focuses on real-time reporting, mechanical scheduling and management of the priorities in an intuitive and simple interface. All this features combining make it a worthwhile use.

Along with the to-do list, HappyToDos allows you to generate reminders daily for your day to day routine to help you manage your day in a better way. It allows you to create real-time report to find out who is doing what, the costing of the entire team and the completion of the task.

HappyToDos focuses on the things which needs to be completed and helps in the management of work-time sources for greater collaboration. The other features of the site include sharing of the files, personal task tray as well as time reporting. All you need to do is just sign up and avail the benefits of full featured accounts without any cost. Use it for unlimited projects and team work you desire. The only limitation for free accounts is 100 MB of storage.

The software was designed keeping in mind the need of company executives. It helps them to track the work efforts of the team and cost estimated and spent on every project. Thus, the program makes the life of a project manager easy by helping him solve the work and projects and coordinate it effectively, thereby saving hours which a normal project manager takes hours to do.

So, if you are tired of spending hours in making a project and compiling reports, then its high time, you take up something which lessens your labor and solves work in your daily life. Try it and you will make the best of use of it.