HTC Desire C – The Last Low End Devices From HTC!

HTC DESIRE CThe launch of HTC Desire C may be considered as the end of an era for low end handsets from the Taiwanese firm  as  it has decide that cheap phones won’t be manufactured in the coming times. This is a cheap; rather I would say an economic smartphone as in case of this phone you get what you pay for. This smartphone has a very nice rounded and compact form which is made mostly of plastic. The black version of this phone has a silver frame that surrounds the screen alongwith a HTC One X style speaker grill above it. A power lock- unlock button on the top and 3 capacitive buttons lie below the screen and the camera is surrounded with a red frame. The soft touch matte back side of this phone allows you to easily hold it. Another factors such as light weight allows you to operate it very easily with one hand. This smartphone has a processor that runs at 600 MHz alongwith a RAM of 512 GB. This smartphone has been provided with a HVGA LCD screen of 3.5 inches that has an average quality with pixel density of 165 pixels per inch. Colors and viewing angles are fine for the purposes that can be performed by this smartphone.

It has an in-built storage of 4GB that is fine for a low-end phone like this. Along with the inbuilt storage, this smartphone has a microSDHC slot that can be used to expand the storage space upto more 32 GB. A 5 Megapixel auto focus camera has been installed at the back side that can shoot decent images in well- lit surroundings.  The 5 megapixel camera of this smartphone can be used to capture the images in a pretty much similar manner as the camera of high end smartphones manufactured by HTC. A numerous number of settings can be changed as well. The video can be shot at a maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels which is good for basic usage. The Taiwanese corporation has used Dr. Dre’s Beats Audio technology to provide the users with a great music quality due to which the speaker on phone provides great quality and volume. It uses Android 4 Ice scream sandwich as the operating system. The menu of this smartphone has been designed in a nice manner and it contains thumbnails of all five home screens that run along the top alongwith having various widget options underneath.

This has a slow processor due to which web browsing is not so much smooth and the stock browser is mainly unusable. So it would be great if you install a third party browser such as Opera mobile on this smartphone. The call quality of this smartphone is quite good as the earpiece is loud and clear whereas the microphone is decent and picks up the surrounding sound as well. The HTC Desire C is undoubtedly a budget phone that offers more then enough at this price. You can easily make a style statement as this is a good looking smartphone with an average processor.