Minbox – The Quickest Manner to Share Files of Any Size, Privately!

Minbox LogoYou often crave for a setup which allows you send files of any sizes in no time. Often, you wish to send files on an urgent basis, but you need to wait for the attachments to upload, the lengthier the file, the bigger is the time duration for the attachment. But not anymore! Now, you longer have to wait for uploads, all you need to do is just drag and drop the files of all sizes and send the message. Minbox lets you do exactly what is mentioned above.

Minbox shreds the procedure of sending files to others in just 3 steps. The files are sent in less than half a minute, no matter how many files or how large files you are planning to send. Just drag and drop the file to the Minbox icon and enter the email address to which you wish to mail it, just add a quick message and send the file.

Minbox also allows you to utilise some social networking features too. If you choose the social networking integration, it allows you to tweet a link or make a post to your Facebook, maybe when you have shared an image in your Minbox. The app is highly recommendable for the sharing of private files.

Minbox compresses your files even prior you send the very first message, however it provides you with an option to turn the compression off. It has individual setting for images, documents and videos. Thus, Minbox is ready for your trial and now you can send files of all sizes to your colleagues and friends anytime you want. With easy navigation, the app is simple to use and guarantees quicker and simpler file sharing than any other file sharing tool you have ever come across.

The app is available for free and stores your uploaded files online for a maximum of 30 days. The best part is that there is no upload limit. With indefinite storage and great sharing speed, the app is surely worth your try. Go for it and see it for yourself.