Nikon D3000- A DSLR With Guide Mode!

NIKON D3000 LogoNikon is going to launch Nikon D3000 that will prove to be the best choice for the beginners that upgrade from a point- and –shoot. This DSLR does not have the features of live view and video recording. This DSLR has been manufactured by Nikon as a replacement for the highly popular Nikon D40. The Nikon D3000 has been provided with a whole new body with shoulders being slightly more rounded and a bigger 3 inch LCD panels lying on the rear face.The control layout 0 of this camera is similar to that of D40. The features of this camera are a mixture of the features that were previously seen in the popular DSLRS D40X, D60 and D5000 manufactured by the same company.

It has a CCD image sensor of 10 megapixels that can yield the image as large as 3872×2592 pixels. Some popular features of the Nikon cameras such as Dust reduction and Control systems have also been provided to this digital SLR and moreover it offers a burst rate of three frames per second. It also has the eleven point Multi-cam autofocus model that was previously seen in Nikon D5000. A new feature of guide mode has been provided to this DSLR for the very first time by Nikon which asks a few questions to the user and then sets up the camera for type of shot one wants to seek.  This camera has a VR lens whose diameter lies between 18 to 55mm. Although the positions have been changed a little bit, but the controls of Nikon D3000 are quite similar to D40. It has a new 3.0 inch diagonal TFT LCD which is greater then the 2.5 inches display of D40, D40X and D60. This new DSLR supports an EXPEED image processor that works in accordance to the high resolution DX- format image sensor. The sensor size of this camera is roughly equivalent to the frame of APS-C film at 10.2 megapixels. Due to the combination of an all new image sensor and image processor, this camera has an increased speed and sensitivity.  There has been a significant improvement in the feature of auto focusing as well.

The captured images can be edited as well in this camera. The retouch menu of this camera offers great features such as soft-filter effect that smoothens the faces and the color outline that creates a monochromatic image. There is a miniature effect as well due to which stimulation of exaggeratedly narrow depth of field occurs and it allows a user to select a horizontal position in the image that should look sharp. This camera is fully capable of processing Raw-Files in camera and retains the retouch functions like trimming and color balance that were found earlier in the D40 model. It has also been provided with the feature of Picture control system that lets the users to control sharpening, contrast, brightness and hue. The presets of picture control include standard, neutral, vivid, monochrome and landscape modes which can be fine tuned according to the user’s requirement.