New Mac Pro – A Revolution In The Computer Industry from Apple

macProA whole new version of the high-end Mac Pro desktop has been launched by Apple Inc. at WWDC 2013. . This desktop has been designed in a new manner and the shape has been changed from big square box to the shiny black cylinder that gives the appearance of a fell off engine of a spaceship. Some years ago, Steve Job had seen the same dream of a famous gleaming box that represented the future of desktop computers. He saw his dream in the form of G4 cube which couldn’t become anything other then a dream, but now the Apple Inc. has tried to change his dream into reality by transforming the shape from cube into cylinder.

This new type of desktop provides a fresh and exciting new feel. The tower design that is used in manufacturing this desktop is probably one of the oldest Apple catalogs. The name has been changed from the Power Mac G5 and along with a new name this desktop comes with a few new features that include USB 3.0, Thunderbolt and many other features that MacBook users wanted their macbooks to come up with. This desktop has been given a fresh and exciting look and if you give a look at this desktop from the top, you will find it quite similar to an unidentified flying object. The height of this black cylinder is large but is smaller as compared to the tower as it fits into the one-eighth volume of the earlier Mac Pros that were designed in the shape of towers. The components of this desktop have been built around a central thermal core and the most prominent features of this desktop include a Xenon CPU manufactured by Intel, a high speed processor of 1,866 GHz and a new form of SSD storage that stores faster as compared to the present day SSD drives. This desktop also supports dual AMD FirePro Gpus and this system has the tendency to give the output equal to 4K resolution displays. This all new version of Mac Pro was updated and designed by Apple Inc. as the earlier version of Mac Pro used to draw the attention of small but steady professions only.

In the past few years a shift has been witnessed in the computer industry as this industry has started producing the laptops, all-in-one desktops, tablets and the touch screen tabletop PCs. This desktop gives an elegant look as it comes with the specifications of 16.8cmx21.1cm with a cylindrically shaped aluminum case. The internal parts of this MacBook has been engineered fantastically in a tube like shape with the arrangement of motherboard elements in a triangular shape along with a heat sink that draws the heat away from GPU, CPU and memory. The RAM of this desktop can be easily replaced by the users as well. The small size of this desktop can generate some potential and serious issues also. The new Mac Pro comes with four USB 3.0 ports which is the only drawback as it limits the internal expendability of this desktop.