EasyGrouper: Get Your Company’s Contact List on Any Phone!

EasyGrouper LogoNowadays every person owns a Smartphone, but getting the contact of your company can be really hard. You need to find and save every number one by one, especially, the smaller companies who can’t afford an IT managing staff with dedicated mail server. Thus, EasyGrouper steps in at this point of time making it easy for you to push contacts and information of the company right to the personal Smartphones of everyone.

Thus, EasyGrouper is a convenient option to revolutionize the manner you contact people in your organization. It leverages the present technology to consolidate the contact list of an organization. Everyone who is added can have an immediate access to your full workforce. Once you change your contact information with EasyGrouper, it is automatically pushed to every person added to your account. The tool is completely separate from the existing contact list, keeping your business and personal contacts separate as they should be.

The EasyGrouper mobile applications grant you immediate access to your contact list either to text, email, call or locate any important detail about your company. You carry all in your pocket. Share location specific data and just tap on the address to load the native mapping application on the phone, making it convenient for the employees to get between your offices. The app is found on Google Play as well as Apple App Store.

Thus, if you are tired of carrying various devices, then keep your work contacts right on your phone with the help of this app. If you need to send an email to everyone member in your organization, just do it with your phone. If you are away for a meeting or out on a vacation and don’t want any disturbances, then let the members of your organization know about it with an instant update of your status through the handy feature of this great app.

Thus, for quick connection and efficient communication, EasyGrouper is your ideal choice. It is truly an indispensable tool which enhances the overall functioning of an organization thereby making it innovative and better.